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On May 25, Floyd Boschee camE out to join the seniors and to find out why they were claiming to have so much fun. The play for the day was a scramble type format whereby the person whose shot was selected for the location for the next shot, that player could not participate in the next shot. So the responsibility for the following shot would fall on the other two players in that three-man team. Because of a team effort the new member, Floyd Boschee, ended up on the first-place team of the day. The other two players on that winning team were Van Pierce and Dick Kellogg. The team shot a 35.

Coming in at second with the better 37 was the team of Dennis Bruce, Jim Reed and Joe Conroy. Taking third with the lesser 37 was the team of Jerry Sommervold, Cleland Cook and Elmer Mount. Earning fourth place by way of the handicap rule because of a 39 tie was the team of Turk Pilker, Dick Burbach, and Guy Botton. The last prize winning spot was fifth place with the other 39. The team in this position was Rex Huska, Gene Iverson and Mo Marcotte. Huska sank a 33-foot birdie putt on hole 3. Unfortunately, that was not the tie breaking hole.

If you enjoy playing scramble formats, come join the seniors on Tuesdays. The seniors will be switching to play in the mornings at 9 a.m. for the remainder of the summer. Come and discover why we have so much fun.

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