Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

Mr. W. H. Lawton took over the hotel 22 years ago and it was in rather poor shape.  He has never stopped working on improving the hotel year by y ear.  All of the rooms are now equipped with inner spring mattresses.  He has maintained a comfortable and homelike atmosphere.  He has made the Waldorf a popular place with the traveling public.

 "Gone With the Wind" in Technicolor will have a five day showing at the March Theatre beginning on April 12.  Tickets are now on sale.  Mail orders will be accepted.  Evening shows begin at 8:00 PM.  Reserved seats are $1.13.  Week day reserved seats are $.75 with the show at 2:15 PM.  Saturday at 10:00 AM and 2:15 PM are $.75.  No reserved seats on Saturday during the day.

 The census takers will soon be done probing into your personal life with their "Professor Quiz" stunt.  No one in Vermillion refused to answer the questions but some did ask if they had to.  One of the enumerators was surprised that a number of wives didn't know the age of their husband, or the husband's income.  Many didn't know what their electric and fuel bill was.  


 You can be fined $25.00 if you do not stop a dog fight in Vermillion.

 Section 10, Chapter 10 provides that no person shall ride or drive or lead any horse, mule, or cow to any other animal upon the sidewalks in Vermillion.  Does that mean that when Mrs. Van Der Snoot takes her pet Pekinese for a walk he must keep off the sidewalk?  Incidentally when you ride your mule into town, don't tie him to a shade tree, because that also violates an ordinance.

 One that seems hard to explain reads, "No person shall place, leave, or keep on any sidewalk, any ice cream freezer."

 Chapter 29, Section 5, provides that "No person shall bathe in a nude state within one mile of Vermillion between the hours of 6:00 o'clock a.m. and 9:00 o'clock p.m."
One final example, "any person riding a bicycle, tricycle, or velocipede in this city, shall, before approaching nearer than 50 feet to any pedestrian, or occupant of any carriage, cart, wagon, or other vehicle, give warning by sounding the bell or whistle, and shall reduce speed before passing."

 Burglars broke into the Kruse and Cowles pool hall here Sunday night and stole about $170.00 from the open safe.  The same man or men attempted to jimmy the rear door of the G. Meisenholder Company the same night, but were unsuccessful, Chief of Police H. A. Fowler said.  The Burglars left no clues, and as yet the police have little to work on.  The burglary happened between 10:30 and 11:30 Sunday night.  Dave Cowles, one of the proprietors put some money in the safe at 10:30, then left it open so that the receipts from the bowling alley upstairs could be put in.  When he came downstairs at 11:30 to put the bowling receipts away, the burglary was discovered.  The burglars gained entrance to the pool hall by breaking a panel out of the rear door.  Marks in the wood prove that the same bar used to jimmy this door was used in the attempt to enter the Meisenholder store, Chief Fowler says.

 Spry, 3 lb can..49 cents
 Rinso, medium package..20 cents
 Lux, 3 bars  19 cents
 Tomato Juice, 4 oz..21 cents
 Corn, 2 cans  25 cents
 Shoestring potatoes, 27 cents
 Sunbrite Cleanser, 3 cans  14 cents

 The pool hall burglars were captured in Vermillion a couple of weeks after they stole $170.00 from the open safe at Kruse and Cowles Pool Hall.  Both were ex-convicts.  One was on parole and the other had only been out of prison one week.  One was caught looking into the back window of Commercial Billiards.  The other one was caught later driving about the streets in a Sioux City car.  They admitted to being in Vermillion several times "casing" the job.  One was sentenced to a year in the penitentiary.  The other was turned over to Sioux City authorities when he admitted several safe cracking "jobs" there.

 The local stores will begin the sale of New Nylon Hosiery.  Because of the limited number available, Nylon hose will not soon come into the low price hose range.  At present the hose are selling here for $1.25 and $1.35 per pair.  The hose is not free from runs and snags.  People have found out that the general service ability is greater than the regular silk hose.
The magnificent Co-ed Theatre opens its doors to the public on Wednesday.  With the opening of the Co-ed, Vermillion residents will have access to one of the most magnificent and beautiful theatres in the northwest.  Along with the beautiful colors on the walls and elaborate air-conditioning system guarantees that the air you breathe will be pure and will contain the right amount of moisture. There will be a complete change of air in the building every minute or minute and a half.  The equipment used is of the latest design.  The screen is the most expensive available and is seamless.  

 There is some bad news for small boys.  The fire escape door is equipped with a little gadget so whenever it is opened, a buzzer sounds in the ticket office.  Sorry, no way to sneak in.

 There are also four lovely usherettes that will be permanent fixtures in the new theatre.  Their names are Ione Orton, Esther Jonnes, Shirley Brookman and Beverly Bolstad.  Seats are an essential part of a theatre.  Only the best at the Co-ed with full springed and full cushioned and upholstered in a blue and orange corduroy material. 

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