Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk


On January 4th, 1940, the mercury plummeted to 17 below zero.

Howard Yusten has taken over the Swanson Chev. Co. as owner and manager.  He will also continue to be the name establishment for the Oldsmobile agency.  He has been in business here the past eleven years.

The building committee of the City Council has authorized having the heating system of the city theatre put in good repair.

One of the most valuable and convenient uses of electricity on the farm is the electric light in the farm yard.  It lessons accidents and thefts.  A yard lighting system of three lamps, including all material and the electrician's services, but not the poles, will run from $45.00 to $60.00, with the average nearer the lower figure.  If poles are installed by the utility company, they will cost about $10.00 each.

1940 taxes in Clay County will be lower than in 1939.  The 1939 tax bill was $414,645.49 and this year (1940) IT WILL BE $369,666.37.  Most of the reduction is due to the removal of a two mill state property tax which was in effect last year.  However, the tax levy proposed by the county is also down.  Most of the reduction in Vermilion's tax rate is due to a lower school district levy.

The City Council has set new fees at the golf course.  This year a couple may buy a season's membership for $15.00.  Last year the rate was $10.00 for men and $7.50 for women. Family memberships will remain at $20.00.  Single memberships were not fixed.

An old man trying to get to Oregon walked into the Plain Talk office on Monday and said he was hungry.  He said "Please, couldn't someone give him money to buy something to eat".  He was asked, "Do you want a loaf of bread"?  "We'll buy you one".  The old man scratched his head and said, "Well, boss, the Good Book says, 'Ye shall not live on bread alone', but it looks like that is what I will have to do".  He ended up with both bread and minced ham.

Shop with confidence at the Council Oak Store.  Some specials this week include:  Sliced pork liver, 2 pounds 13 cents, Pure pork sausage 7 ? cents per pound, Neck bones, 5 for 13 cents, Beef roasts, 13 to 18 cents per pound, Swedish rye bread, 10 cents a loaf, Package of Grape nuts, 14 cents, Camay soap, 2 large cakes, 17 cents, 5 giant bars of P & G soap, 19cents,

Navel oranges, 29 cents per dozen, Head lettuce, large heads, 6 cents each.

Gene Autry and Smiley Brunette are starring in "South of the Border" at the March Theatre on Friday and Saturday along with a Color Cartoon, Novelty Reel and Late News.  On Sunday "His Girl Friday" will show with Cary Grant and Rosiland Russell.

There were 104 auto accidents reported in South Dakota during January of 1939.  Eight lives were claimed, 64 injuries and damage totaling $15,584.00.

The 19th annual Military Ball will feature the national famous orchestra of Vincent Lopez.  Students in charge of the ball expect the music of Lopez, noted for his "Suave Swing", to make the ball the most outstanding one in the 19 years history of the military event.

The state highway commission has announced that Highway 50 would be re-routed through Vermillion so that it comes into Main Street from the east on Plum Street instead of North Dakota Street.  They also say that unless the change is made, there would be the probability of federal authorities routing the highway north of the city on Cherry Street, thus missing the business district entirely.

A Missouri trucker was arrested here Monday for overloading his truck.  He was fined $25.00 and costs by the Judge.  In order to pay the fine, he had to sell part of his load of cedar posts.  He was arrested by State Patrolman, C. E. Thomas.

A University student from Spearfish, miraculously escaped injury on Monday when the car he was driving plunged over the bluffs at the corner of Canby and Fifth Streets.  The car burst into flames on the road 100 feet below.  The student was thrown clear and suffered no serious injury.  The 1939 Chevrolet coach was a complete loss.  Cause of the accident was the steering apparatus sticking and the driver was unable to make the corner.  Policeman Wm. Russell said tire marks prove that he was not driving fast.

The Civic Council will be holding one of their three "White Elephant" sales to be held this year to help the needy.  It is one of the ways the Council uses to raise money and carry on its work to help people in Vermillion.  The tree sales the Council holds during the year brings in about $100.00.  Most of the money is turned over to Community Welfare, a group organized and promoted by the Civic Council for relief of the needy.  The Civic Council also works toward civic betterment in several ways.  They support the Boy and Girl Scouts, and have spent money for playground equipment and to promote parks and similar improvements.

Dr. Rosencrans has added an addition to his Osteopathic Hospital.  The new addition gives the hospital three private rooms and a double room in addition to other facilities necessary for the care of patients.  The addition involves a cash outlay of about $3,000..The Osteopathic Hospital has now been in operation since June 10th, 1936 and has an investment of about $5,600.00.

Fifty red and white signs reading "Vermillion Welcomes You" have arrived at the Chamber of Commerce and will soon be distributed.  They will be placed throughout the county and on key roads elsewhere throughout the state.

Installation of running water in 13 more rooms in the Waldorf Hotel was completed this week and now all 38 rooms in the hotel are equipped with running water in each room.

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