Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

Coca Cola served ice cold in bottles will be featured in the new Lambert Bowling Alleys.  This new 4 lane alley will have the finest bowling alleys in the Midwest.  Free bowling lessons will be offered to all lady customers by an experienced lady bowler.  A free gift will be given to every man and lady on opening day.


 Strong is the hope of the American people that we will not again become involved in a European war.  A very considerable segment of the population believes that we would eventually go to the aid of European Democracies if they were forced to wage war against the dictatorship.  And so the US is preparing for war. This does not only involve the largest military expenditures in our peace time history.  It also involves a plan for M Day (Mobilization Day).  Heart of the plan is a detailed procedure for conscripting manpower.  It is believed that the current plan will make it possible to organize a very large army for either foreign or territorial use in a very short time.  Every man within the age limit must be ready to enter government service.  The selection will be made by a sort of lottery system.  Unmarried young men, in good health, will naturally be conscripted first.
Approximately 165 pioneers have registered for the anniversary program at the Clay County Fair.  They represented all areas of Clay County and Vermillion and a good time was had by all.

 The balloon ascension, with its 71 year old jumper, had to be called off because of fire.  The balloon had been inflated by a wood fire which was supposed to fill the bag with gas.  The wind was too strong and it caught on fire causing much damage.  This was to have been the big event on the last day of the fair.
 Power rates in the city have been reduced by a new ordinance.  It means a savings of around 12 percent to heavy users.

 Local grocers differ on the influence the European war will have on food prices in this community but all agree that prices are bound to rise.  Sugar and flour have already risen this week.
Dedication of the old Log School House replica will be held at Slagle Auditorium on Friday Sept. 22, 1939.  Short addresses will be given by President I. D. Weeks, J. F. Hines, State Supertindent of Public Instruction and E. E. Collins, oldest County Superintendent in South Dakota.  The replica is to be a symbol of the educational zeal which motivated the pioneers.  It should serve as a reminder to the students who leave the campus and take up their residence in all parts of the state of their obligation to carry on the education work of their fathers.

 The Great Kirma will hypnotize a girl in the University Co-op window.  She will be awakened on stage of the March Theatre on Wednesday at 9:00 PM.  Pryor to her entry in the window, the hypnotic subject will visit Lillian's House of Beauty to have her hair styled by expert operators.  At 4:00 PM she will be fed a quantity of Green Spot, the orange drink distributed by Evergreen Farms, Inc.  This will be the only sustenance given the girl during her stay in the window.

 Two men attempted to break into the rear of Tom's Chocolate Shop but were interrupted by Wm. Russell, night watchman.  Mr. Russell had just entered the alley on his regular patrol when he spied the two men running for all they were worth.  He attempted to cut them off by driving around the block, but they obviously cut back and made an escape down the ravine hill and no further trace was found of them.

 Dakota Day boosters plan two afternoon trips to neighboring towns.  They will be accompanied by the University Band that will play at each town visited.

 Hunters in the community report better duck and geese hunting than in many years.  Geese especially have been plentiful.

 Oscar, a year old baby alligator arrived unexpectedly at the W. H. Over Museum and is a gift from M. M. Grice, a graduate of the University.  Oscar wants are few and his activities fewer.  He feeds on lean meat and liver cut in small pieces.  "When not eating", quoting Mr. Over, he just sits and grows.

 It may sound like soft soap but the modern washing machine and ironing machines in America are pouring 84,000,000 extra hours of leisure into Mrs. Average American's life every week.  Back in the days of boned collars and high pompadours, 10 to 14 hours a week were required for an average family wash.  It is pointed out; there is something like 60 percent less wear and tear on the homemaker's nerves.

 Many desirable stations in the regular army are now open as a result of a recent executive order authorizing an increase in strength according to the Dept. of Military Science.

 D. C. DeVany and son are the new owners and publishers of the Vermillion Plain Talk.

 The PTA's from Austin and Jolley Schools raised $72.33 last Saturday at a milk fund drive for needy school children.
The police investigated but there was no burglary at Davis Pharmacy.  The police got "Hack" Davis out of bed and went into the store.  The phone on the desk was off the hook and unconcernedly sitting beside the phone, little realizing the havoc it was causing was the cat.

 1939 is the driest year since 1931.  

End 1939

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