Southeast Ward

 Wife: Mary Kay  Son: Tyler.
 2-12 Vermillion School District / 2 yrs. Assoc. Degree Automotive – USD/Springfield.
Transportation Coordinator – State of South Dakota.
If incumbent, years of experience:  Four years past experience on the city council.

1. I want to see Vermillion grow. I think Vermillion has an enormous amount of future development with the exciting development that is in progress. Also Vermillion needs to be here for the businesses already investing in the city of Vermillion.  

2. a) Vermillion must have a long term plan for its growth. We need to balance the wants of the community and welcome companies that can bring good paying jobs.
 b) Swimming Pool replacement. Start a citizens committee to access the wishes of the community. This way in the future the plan to replace is in the budget.
 c) Water tower replacement. Continue to upgrade the infrastructure to meet the needs of our community.Plan in the budget to get the upgrade done when it is needed.

3. I bring proven leadership, knowledge, and experience from my previous terms on the city council.I will continue to listen , gather all the facts and then make an informed decision for the betterment of Vermillion.

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