Southeast Ward

Family: Single.
Education/Occupation: High School, two years of college – Employed at Hy-Vee Food Stores for 35 years, Kitchen/Catering Manager.

1. I was asked, and said, "Why not?" It's the right of every American citizen to serve other American citizens as a spokesperson in any type of American government. To serve to the best of their ability without scrutiny for decisions made by the voice of the people that voice their opinion. Only if they take part in their right to vote.

2. • Economic and industrial development in Vermillion.
 a. They both go hand in hand. I'll try to help the city get small and large businesses and industry into the area. With the development of those two items, the economics will further itself.
 • To keep and further the infrastructure where needed in Vermillion.
 a. And if you get No. 1 established, the infrastructure will follow to better the community.
 • I don't know?
 a. The voters in the Southeast Ward will have to tell me and I can try to see what can be done.

3. • I believe I am a good listener.
 • I ask a lot of questions and expect answers.
 • Good morals.
 • Plus, why not?

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