Wednesday morning ladies enjoy indoor games

May 26 was a great day for golf and afternoon activities.

 There were 15 ladies present for luncheon with Rose Mart and Agnes Moeckler providing the desserts.  I could not be present today but am very sure that the desserts were fantastic!!
We had a guest today.  Welcome Courtney Bahmer, granddaughter of Pat Berglund. Thank you for bringing Courtney.
The quarters were won by Edith Nelson, Pat Berglund, Barb Larson and Courtney Bahmer. Congratulations Courtney!

Bridge report:  Pat Berglund was high today.

Golf report: Four golfers came out but after only 2 holes – they were RAINED out!
Dominoes report:  Here are the results of the May 19 games.
 Round 1 winners: Vaneta Youngworth, Beth Silvano, Ann Stewart and Maxine Rogers.
 Round 2: Sue Kappenmann, Thelma Raines, Pat Berglund and Vaneta Youngworth.
 Round 3: Mary Bartels, Anita White, Agnes Moeckler and Maxine Rogers.
 Round 4: Maxine Rogers, Karon Benson, Agnes Moeckler, and Vaneta White.
The results for today were:
Round 1:  Agnes Moeckler and Vaneta Youngworth.
Round 2: Marlys Jensen and Janet Hof.
Round 3: Maxine Rogers and Darlene Engbrecht.
Round 4: Agnes Moeckler and Pat Berglund.
WOW!!! That seems like a lot of dominoes!!!
Bet everyone had a great time … see you all next week!!
Pat Steckelberg

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