Wednesday morning ladies have great weather

What a wonderful day we had on June 2!  

There were 27 wonderful ladies at luncheon. Our "comedy" lady, Mary, had some very funny stuff for us today.  Laughter is a great thing and she makes us laugh … 99.9 percent of the time!

Darlene Engbrecht and Barb Boone provided the desserts and I had one of each. Diets don't count at Wednesday luncheon.  The desserts were great!! Thanks gals.

There were no visitors today but I know we shall keep spreading the word about the fun and great food we have on Wednesday.

The $5 drawing was won by Babe Hurowitz … note below she was a winner more than just once … lucky lady!

The quarters drawing had several winners. The more people that come the more winners. Funny how that works! Winners:  Ann Stewart, Babe Hurowitz, Beth Silvano, Janet Hof, June Wagner, Agnes Moeckler, Glennis Stewart and Rosemary Mart. WOW!!

I did not get the results of the Dominoes or Bridge games.  I know there was one table of bridge and several playing dominoes.  I will get the results in next week.

Golf report:  Great weather for golfing – not too hot and not to cool but a bit of a wind. We played "Low Score on Par 4's." There were seven golfers and the winners were: First place: Ann Stewart  had 31 and second place: Edith Nelson 33. There are five par 4 holes on the course.

Well, see you next week.  Come on out! Make some new friends or just have fun with the old ones … no pun meant!
Pat Steckelberg

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