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New Adult Fiction
Debut Collection
Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Rome, author Tom Rachman's wry, vibrant debut novel follows the topsy-turvy private lives of the reporters, editors, and executives of an international English language  newspaper as they struggle to keep it, and themselves, afloat.  Spirited, moving, and highly original, The Imperfectionists, will establish Rachman as one of our most perceptive and assured literary talents.

Marlena de Blasi, the acclaimed author of such memoirs as A Thousand Days in Venice and That Summer in Sicily, now brings her luminous prose to the world of fiction with a remarkable debut novel.  Set against the backdrop of Europe as it moves toward World War II, the book, Amandine, follows a young orphan's journey in search of her heritage.

Make a Slash
Summer Reading
Program Activities
Get creative on Monday, July 19 with Seashell Creations. This hands-on program is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in the Community Room.

On Tuesday, July 20, starting at 1 p.m., the reading program will feature the video Happy Feet. This animated film runs for 109 minutes and is rated PG.

The "Splashy Summer Shows" film for Wednesday, July 21 is The Old Man and the Sea. This 1958 film tells the tale when an old fisherman's dry spell is broken as he hooks a gigantic fish that drags him out to sea. This adult program starts at 6:30 p.m. and runs for 86 minutes.

On Thursday, July 22, the Super Splashers Book Club starts at 1:30 p.m. and the Water Wizards Book Club will begin at 2:30 p.m. in the Community Room.

Children going on vacation this summer may check out a little stuffed sea turtle to take with them.  With this sea turtle, the child will receive a special postcard that they can mail back to the library to tell us about their trip and activities.
Check out the display case behind the circulation desk for the summer reading prizes.

Weekly Online
Book Club
The Book Club offers many selections to Internet patrons.  Each book runs for five days, Monday through Friday.  Some genres offer selections every other week.  Check out this service by registering at the library's website, and clicking on the book club icon.  The Online Book Club is asking it's readers to write and tell what they enjoy about this special library.  E-mails can be sent to

The following selections for the week of July 19 are:
AUDIO BOOK: No selection for this week.
 BUSINESS:  Thank God It's Monday!, by Roxanne Emmerich.
FICTION: Homer & Langley, by E. L. Doctorow.
GOOD NEWS: Enduring Love, by Bonnie Leon.
NON-FICTION: My Remarkable Journey, by Larry King.
PRE-PUB:  No selection for this week.
ROMANCE: Temptation Ridge, by Robyn Carr.
SCIENCE FICTION: No selection for this week.
TEEN: The Burning, by Will Peterson.
THRILLER:  No selection for this week.
UPCOMING CLASSICS FOR JULY: A Hero of Our Time, by Mikhail Lermontov.

The Online Book club is offering several new services. New Book Alerts are automatically sent to patrons for information about new materials and includes a BookNews subscription.  BookTweets automatically sends "Tweets" for staff and volunteer tweets. This is included through the Online Book Club. The last new feature is Facebook.  This service displays the weekly Book Club information, BookNews, New Book Alerts and widgets on your Facebook.

Digital Talking Books
A new service being offered at the library is The Digital Talking Books.  This free audio book service is for South Dakota residents who are unable to read or use standard print materials as the result of a temporary or permanent visual impairment or physical limitation. If you or someone you know is interested in this program, please contact Linda Calleja, Adult Services Specialist, to verify eligibility qualifications and undergo application procedures.

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