FSA Notes

2010 Acreage Reporting

All farm operators in Clay County must annually file a complete and accurate acreage report by July 15.  Producers are required to report their planted acres and planting dates for each field.

Producers with prevented planted acreage now have until July 15 to notify the FSA office to receive cropping history, due to a change in procedure.  Prevented planted acres occur when a crop cannot be planted during the established planting period for the crop because of a natural disaster.  Producers requesting prevented planting must show that all cropland feasible to plant and prevented from being planted was affected by a natural disaster and that preliminary efforts were made to plant the crop.  The producer must be able to establish to the satisfaction of the county committee that the crop failed through the normal planting period because of natural disaster conditions.

The final reporting date for all crops is July 15.  Please schedule an appointment to report your acres planted by calling 605-624-7060 #2.
ACRE Production

As a condition of receiving ACRE payments, producers enrolled in ACRE must submit a report of production no later than the subsequent crop year's acreage reporting deadline. Individuals who enrolled in ACRE for the 2009 crop year shall report 2004-2009 production and yields no later than July 15. The Record of Production and Yield, form FSA-658 can be filed at your local FSA Office.
Need Additional
Grain Storage?

The Farm Storage Facility Loan Program is available for producers who need additional grain storage, hay storage or would like to renovate existing storage.  These loans can be for new construction or expansion of existing facilities, including bunker-type silage structures, hay shed, permanent drying and grain handling equipment.  The program will finance up to 85 percent of the expenses to build the structure and the loans are for seven years at a fixed rate.  The interest rate is currently 3.00 percent per annum.

Applicants must show a need for additional storage, which is based on the reported acres for the last three crop years and two years' production.  Producers may not accept delivery or begin site preparation prior to approval, but you may sign purchase agreements or pay for the facilities prior to loan approval.  Applicants may accept delivery if an UCC-1 Financing Statement is recorded by FSA at the Register of Deeds prior to delivery.  Additional requirements are:

• Current financial statement and cashflow showing repayment ability.
• $100 non-refundable application fee.
• 15 percent cash down payment on the grain structure.
• Credit report will be ordered and must show a satisfactory rating.
• Applicant must not be delinquent on a federal debt.

If you are interested or have additional questions, please stop by the Clay County Farm Service Agency Office.
Clay County
Committee Election

Nominations for candidates to run for the Farm Service Agency County Committee election representing producers in Local Administrative Area (LAA) #3 will be accepted from June 15 through Aug. 2.  There are three LAA's in Clay County.  Each year, one of the three areas must elect or re-elect a committee person to represent their area for a three-year term.  Eligible voters in LAA #3, which consists of Fairview, Norway, Prairie Center and Vermillion townships, will be electing a representative to serve a three-year term beginning in 2011.  

Producers who are residents in the LAA holding the election and who participate or cooperate in an FSA program and are of legal voting age may be nominated to serve on the county committee.  Individuals may nominate themselves or others as candidates. Also, organizations representing socially disadvantaged minorities and women farmers or ranchers may also nominate candidates.  The nominee must sign the nomination FSA-669A form and be willing to serve if elected.  Forms are on hand at the county office.

Almost any person 18 years or older, who actively participates in the operation of a farm or ranch and resides or has the majority of their farming interest in LAA #3 is eligible to be a candidate and vote in this election.  If you believe you are an eligible voter but are not on the eligible voter list, please contact the office.
Women, minorities and other agricultural producers with diversified interests are encouraged to participate in the Committee election process.

County Committee members are a critical component of the day-to-day operations of FSA.  They provide valuable local input to FSA programs by providing a direct link between the farm community and USDA.  Producers who serve on the county committee make local decisions that affect the delivery of FSA agricultural programs.  The committee provides local input on commodity price support loans and payments, establish yields, conservation programs and disaster assistance program payments.

The county committee election is held by mail. Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters beginning Nov. 5, and must be returned to the FSA county office by Dec. 6.  Agricultural producers of legal voting age can vote if they participate or cooperate in any FSA program. A person who is not of legal voting age but supervises and conducts the farming operations on an entire farm can also vote. No one can be denied the right to vote because of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation or marital or family status.

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