Ladies have fun time at The Bluffs

What a great day on June 30. A bit breezy for NO BUGS!!

There were 23 ladies out today for luncheon. No matter what the weather is there is always great food (thanks again Cherry Street Grille), desserts and friendships.

Desserts were provided by:  Edith Nelson and myself, Pat Steckelberg.  The treats were all chocolates or some sort but who doesn't like chocolate!!

We had no guests today or new members but there is always next week.

Jan Chapman won the $5 drawing and the quarters were won by:  Maxine Rogers, Janet Hof, June Wagner, Jan Chapman (lucky twice), Thelma Raines and Darlene Engbrecht.

Last week's report for Bridge is that Marlys Jensen was high. It is great that enough ladies come that like to play bridge.

Dominoes report is for last week: Played to win quarters – lowest score, middle, highest and closest to 183 (number of days from June 21 till first day of winter…burrrrrrr). There were two table for dominoes.

Round I:  Lowest score – Ann Stewart and June Wagner.

Round II:  Highest score (this would be me if I were still playing) – Ann Stewart and Janet Hof.

Round III: Middle score – Barb Boone, Joyce Zimmer, and Thelma Raines.

Total Score (closest to 183) – Barb Boone, Thelma Raines and Vaneta Youngworth.

Golf report for this Wednesday – Played: Guess Your Score. This is not easy for me (probably all of us) as my game is sooo unpredictable. There were seven golfers. The weather was great but a bit breezy which help to keep the gnats and mosquitoes away. (Right Ramona???–well one gnat tried to find refuge but Ramona taught it a lesson. She told it she was a vegetarian so she spat it back into the REAL world. Maxine Rogers had a bit of a loss today … she lost Mr. Wilson!! On June 16 she played with him all nine holes … tee hee!

Hope Mr. Rogers wasn't jealous!  Well, no fear … Mr. Wilson is GONE!

Back to the Guess Your Score:  Ramona Kellogg guessed her score right on … way to go.

Darlene Engbrecht and Edith Nelson were one off … not sure if one less or one over but who cares … great job on your guesses also.

Our Story Lady (Mary Bartels) had some really funny stories today. She says that is thanks to people who e-mail her stories.  Guess the e-mail is very useful in making us all laugh … most of the time.

A great day all the way around … come out a see for yourselves. Every Wednesday morning golf at 9 a.m. Be there 15 minutes early and luncheon about 11:45 a.m. and games after.
See Ya!
Pat Steckelberg

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