Seniors share with Le Mars, Iowa

On July 6, a group from Le Mars, IA came to play what they call the Le Mar's Rider Cup. So the seniors had to share in a "shot gun" start whereby the seniors started on holes #14 through 18. In that way, the entire course could be utilized. The seniors played nine holes forward from wherever they started using a match-play format.

Three-man winning teams in no particular order were – Max Anderson, Floyd Boschee and Dick Gregory; Dennis Tomhave, Jim Richardson and Jim Stewart; Dave Helseth, Don Baer and Ken Beringer; Mo Marcotte, Jim Reed and Guy Button; Dick Kellogg, Lloyd Helseth and Vern Holter.

The longest birdie putt made this date goes to Dennis Tomhave with a 25 footer on #6.

Two players on opposite teams each made birdies on the same hole at #3. Jim Richardson sank a 15 footer, while Jeri Engelking made an eight footer. Other notable birdie putts went to Dick Burbach with an eight footer on #4, while Guy Button dropped a 10 footer on #2.

The turnout this week was our largest attendance for seniors this season at 31. David Bak from Irene came to play with us and has not been with us since 2008. Maybe that is why we were at 31 attending today.

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