Seniors welcome new players

On June 29, Jeri Engelking and Jim Richardson joined the seniors to help them have fun. Although these newcomers were on the same team they came up just one stroke short of winning a prize.

Since this was the last Tuesday of the month, we play "Howard Connor rules" which means when selecting the best ball, that player does not get to participate in the next shot. So under those conditions the lowest score was a 36, turned in by Jim Reed, Dick Gregory and Harlan Schott. It was Reed's 29-foot birdie putt on #4 that gained the victory for his team.

Taking second with the better 37 due to a birdie on #3 was the team of Allan Clem, Don Baer and Dennis Tomhave. Taking third with another 37 was the twosome (playing under adjusted rules) of Rex Huska and Jim Stewart. Taking fourth with the lesser 37 was the team of Guy Button, Ross King and Shorty Hanson.

Capturing fifth place with a 38 was the team of Bob Lund, Dennis Bruce and Cleland Cook. It was Lund's 21-foot birdie putt on #4 that gave them the better score. Also on this team, Cook sank a 21-foot birdie putt on #8.

Coming in sixth for this date with a lesser 38 was the twosome of Ken Beringer and Dick Kellogg. Beringer thrilled his teammate with a 24-foot par save on #2.

Although in a losing effort, Jack Doyle had a remarkable day on the course today. Doyle chipped into the hole from off the green twice in today's play. Atta boy, Jack.

Every now and then this league pays a dollar to each player in cash on the team with the worst score of the day. This was the date selected to pay out a dollar to the biggest losers. With permission from the recipients to publish their names, these losers were Joe Conroy, Turk Pilker and Bob Solomon. Your score will not be announced. Better luck next week.

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