Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

Kem-Tone is the new miracle paint. It is available at Davis Pharmacy. Just thin it with water and go to work.  It is easy to apply and dries in as little as 60 minutes. Apply it right over wallpaper with a wide brush and an hour later move the furnishings back and the room is complete.  It will withstand repeated washings without harmful effects.

1,079 men registered for the draft in Clay County at the fourth selective service registration.  This far exceeded expectations. This group of men were between the ages of 45 and 65.

Sales of war bonds in Clay County up to May 23, amounted to $46,825.00 for the month according to Ray G. Stevens, County Chairman. The county quota for May is $22,300.00.

In the recent individual sugar consumer registration held in the county 9,368 people registered for their war ration book, No. 1.  The 751 who did not get books had an excessive amount of sugar on hand. As soon as there supply of sugar is down to two pounds per person in their immediate family, they are eligible for the book.

Vermillion is ready to present a bid concerning a Veterans Hospital to be built for southeastern South Dakota.

W. H. Over has completed his 30th year at the University Museum. He started the museum practically from scratch and built it to its present size of over 60,000 items.

The addition to Slagle Auditorium will be complete by February of 1943. The job has been held up due to the labor shortage.  The labor is done by WPA workers and if these men can obtain private employment elsewhere, they must do so. During the harvest season many of the men found private employment and for several days there was but one man on the job, of the original crew of 45.  There are now 15 men working on the interior plastering.

Sugar stamp No. 9 for individual users, which is valid between Nov. 1 and Dec. 15, is good for three pounds of sugar.

Diesel oil, fuel oil, and kerosene rationing will begin October 23rd. All persons using these fuel oils will be required to register and will receive rationing books.  Passenger car owners must register by Friday or wait two weeks for their "A" card.

Vermillion will be included in a 20 minute blackout that will cover nine states in this section of the country on December 14th starting at 10:00 PM. Vermillion air raid workers are well organized with over 200 people participating. W. A. Bauman is the director for the city air raid work. Joseph Blair is the rural air raid director.

Coffee rationing will begin November 29th. The first coffee stamp will be No. 27 in the sugar rationing book and will be good from November 29th to January 8, 1943.  Stamp No.27 is good for one pound of coffee for people over 15 years of age. Sugar stamp No. 9 is good for three pounds of sugar and is valid until December 15th.

Thousands of gallons of gasoline poured from the pumps of local filling stations here all day Monday but Tuesday the attendants brought out the playing cards and relaxed as nationwide gas rationing began. Over 1000 gallons of gas was sold on Monday.

It will be lights out throughout Vermillion and this area next Monday evening from 10:00 to 10:20 PM as the entire seventh service command of the U. S. Army will be under a strict wartime blackout. The steam whistle will be blown to warn people of the blackout, but do not depend on the whistle, watch your clock and listen to your radio.  We want 100 percent blackout in this area. Vermillion's entire air raid warden system of over 200 individuals will be operating Monday night including auxiliary policemen who will stop all incoming, outgoing, and local traffic during the blackout. Businesses must turn off all neon signs and interior lighting and farmers are reminded to turn off yard lights.  Do not smoke or light matches as such light can be seen for miles. For non-compliance with blackout rules a person is subject to jail sentence and fine.

A week after the blackout, the officials declared it a 100 percent successful blackout.  The downtown was entirely dark. Dakota Hospital installed black oil cloth in the surgical rooms in case of an emergency. Traffic on the highways was non-existent except for two trucks that were trying to make it to Vermillion before the blackout commenced. Many persons expected that planes might fly over the city, but civil defense workers reported that none did. The civilian defense officials were immensely pleased with the results and thanks everyone for their cooperation. According to Air Raid Chief Bauman, a surprise blackout is expected sometime in the near future.

The rationing of heating stoves began the past week. One must get a permit from the ration board to buy a new stove.

New Years Eve Punch
3 Cups Cider
2 Cups Orange Juice
1/2 Cup Lemon Juice
1/2 Cup Dark Syrup or Sorghum
3 Cups Ginger ale
 Bring cider, orange and lemon juice and syrup to a boil.  Add unchilled ginger ale and reheat mixture to the boiling point.  Remove from heat and serve at once.  Garnish with a lemon slice.  Serves 12. Happy New Year

End 1942

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