Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

 Clay County residents pledged $157,090.24 in the war bond and stamp pledge campaign.  The campaign was very successful.

Nurses are needed at once for war training. The training will be in credited hospitals and upon completion the trainees will become registered nurses.

590 Clay County men registered between the ages of 20 and 45 in the third national selective service registration according to Lester Lloyd, Secy. of the local draft board.

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Harold Dwyer, Clerk of Courts, has been appointed explosives licensing agent for Vermillion and Clay County according to word received from the Bureau of Mines of the Department of Interior, Washington, DC.  His duties as explosive agent will be to issue permits for the use of explosives in the county until termination of the war.  Mr. Dwyer expects to appoint two deputies in the county to help him with his work.

An Old Style beer truck rolled over on the Burbank road about five miles east of Vermillion.  The truck left the road when it failed to negotiate a curve.  Sherriff Herman Nelson estimated damage at $100.00.

 Clerk of Courts, Harold Dwyer, has been informed that the Clay County Court House will be used as a warehouse for materials allocated to each county in connection with the sugar rationing program.  The initial registration will be at the schools under the direction of the county and city school superintendents.

The teachers in the Vermillion school will get substantial raises of about 15% for the next school year.

 Married men on the high school faculty will now received salaries from $1620.00 to $2280.00 depending on the years of service.  The women on the high school staff will receive from $1260.00 to $1440.00, again depending on years of service.  In the grades the salaries will start at $1080.00 and advance to $1260.00.  Mr. Vern Cadwell was engaged for another year and given an increase in salary from $2650.00 to $2880.00.

The local rationing board will move Friday from the Legion rooms in the Municipal Building to the basement of the post office.

The rationing of sugar will soon start.  11,000 ration books were received to be used in Clay County.  One family member can apply for all family members, provided they live under one roof.  The ration books contain stamps, with each stamp functioning as a weekly permissive to buy sugar at retail, according to instructions.

Letters are now arriving from a number of soldiers stationed in Australia.  They are in a jungle district but can't give the exact location.  Weather is hot.  One letter that was sent via Air Mail took 51 days to arrive at Vermillion.

Three sons of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Brunick, Sidney, Charles and Ervin, all drove to Sioux City and enlisted in the Army.  Mr. & Mrs. Brunick have one other son under draft age.

 "Uncle Sam says thumbs down on run down automobiles" – so all you motorists get the family "bus" ready for its spring tune up.  By checking your auto it helps toward conserving your car, to give it a longer and better life.

Vermillion retailers have agreed to keep their stores open until 11 o'clock on Saturday nights.

Starting April 14, volunteer workers will visit every home in Clay County to add impetus to the purchase of defense bonds and stamps.  Each person will be asked to pledge a part of his current income to the regular, systematic purchase of bonds and stamps.  You are not asked to give anything – only requested to lend your money to our country.

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