Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Vermillion
Plain Talk


 The local guardsmen are safe at their undisclosed location and have not had a single casualty as reported by Rep. Karl Mundt from Washington last week.

About 40 Clay County selective service registrants were given preliminary physical examinations this week.  In about ten days the men who passed the physical will take the regular army physical prior to induction into the army about 30 days later.  The local selective service board will no longer make public the names or number of men being inducted as this information is deemed to be of value to the enemy.

Tire rationing has begun in Clay County.  Tires may be purchased by physicians, visiting nurse or veterinarians and are to be used for professional services.  Also for an ambulance, firemen, police or mail carriers.  Application forms are available from approved tire dealers, the post office and the rationing board.  Anyone buying a tire(s) must go to a tire inspector and if he finds the tire unsafe, he will certify the form.  The form will be taken to the board and they may either approve or reject the application.  If approved the board will issue a permit and can be taken to any approved tire dealer to be purchased.

It cost the 66 residents $55,335.00 for road maintenance in 1941.

SAVE TIN—Buy coffee in re-useable glass jars and paper bags and save tin for making war munitions.

The Vermillion police arrested 93 persons during 1941. The most frequent charge, of course, was intoxication.  There were three robberies, eight burglaries, five larcenies, and five auto thefts.

The Boy Scouts netted more than 1,000 pounds of old newspapers and magazines in their collection than the week before.  To date the total pounds collected is 5,700.  Please be sure your bundles are tied when collection day is here.

Every motor vehicle was supposed to have had a federal stamp on it by January 31st.  Persons driving without one are liable to the fine of $25.00 or 30 days in jail.  Cars not being driven do not need a stamp.

Fullerton's have completed remodeling of the yard.  This is the 4th major remodeling of the lumber yard in the past 33 years.

The City Council voted to hire 5 guards for the municipal airport.  This is being done to conform with new army regulations just received.  The guards are required to work in eight hour shifts.  Up to this time, Pat Purcell has been the night guard.

New spring styles are already in the stores.  Bright colored suits are now being worn under fur coats and will be a big feature for spring.  Blouses of bright print crepe in large prints and leaf designs are a winner.  Skirts are going to be a little longer except for the play time drindles  and they will be a little slimmer to give a trifle more dignity and poise.  This also saves yardage for the national war effort.

The Vermillion Beauty Shop will mark its 20th anniversary this week.  In 1922, Mrs. Gertrude Dahl started her first shop over the First National Bank.  Helen Manning was her assistant.  They were in that location for two years.  She then moved to a location on East Main Street.  The shop was there for 14 years, and in 1938 moved to her present location.  She is assisted in the shop by Miss Florine Sanders and Mrs. Dorothy Erickson.  (The Vermillion Beauty is still located in the same place today in 2010 and owned by Lisa Johnson.)

The registration for sugar rationing will begin soon and both individuals and retail outlets will be registered and rationed.  Public elementary schools will be used as regular points and to issue the ration books, called War Ration Book One.  Mr. Harold Dwyer, Clerk of Courts received 11,000 ration books for distribution.

Pledge drive applications are available for regular investment in Defense Savings Bonds. The Nation hopes that people will invest ten percent of their income.  Mr. Ray Stevens, Chairman of the Defense Savings Committee pointed out that we are not being asked to give anything.  We are only requested to lend our money to our country.

The G. Meisenholder grocery store ad this week advertises the following specials:

Large bar of Swan soap, .09 cents; 3 lb. Can Spry, .65 cents; Lux toilet soap, 3 bars, .19 cents; Lifebouy Health soap, 3 bars .19 cents; Rinso for tub, washer and dishpan, large package, .20 cents; carrots bunch, 05 cents, large bunch, .07 cents.

Clay County will pay 10 cents for Pocket Gophers killed in the county.  Present both front feet at the County Auditor's office for payment.

Retailers and commercial users of sugar in Clay County will register on April 28th and 29th.  This does not include housewives.  Next week individual consumers may register for the program.  After a person has registered, they will receive a copy of War Ration Book No. 1 which will allow that person to purchase sugar during the sugar rationing program.

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