Step by step Reimler assists ‘Oklahoma’ cast

Kathryn Reimler always knew she wanted to dance.

But the dance instructor, freelance choreographer and stay-at-home mom never imagined she'd find so much work in her field in South Dakota.

Her latest project is choreographing Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!" presented by the Vermillion Community Theatre.

"I love working with any new group of people," Reimler said. "They've got a big cast, like 85 people, and I only know a couple of them. They seem to have a really good tradition going, and it's been really fun being part of it.

"I did not necessarily plan on being back here, but I fell in love and came back," the Yankton native said.

Reimler moved back to Yankton 11 years ago to marry her husband Jim, the AM program director and an on-air personality at WNAX radio. Since then, she has taught all forms of dance in the Yankton area.

This year, between the months of February and July, Reimler will have choreographed five musicals in a row, in addition to the Academy of Dance spring dance recital, dance classes and duties as a mom.

She even has another project on the way — a baby due in December.

Before then, however, Reimler must finish up with "Oklahoma!" in Vermillion, while simutaneously choreographing "My Fair Lady" at the Lewis and Clark Theatre Company in Yankton.

But she's been through this before. While pregnant three years ago with her first daughter Willa, Reimler danced and choreographed four musicals in a row in addition to her usual duties at the Academy of Dance. Her belly grew bigger and bigger while literally dancing her way through her trimesters.

For Reimler, working with a community like Vermillion has been a very enjoyable experience. She has liked working with students from the University of South Dakota, people from the community and lots of kids, too.

"They love to dance and it's community theater, so they want to do it and they want to be there," she said. "They're pretty much willing to do whatever I ask them."

"Oklahoma!" has a lot of dancing, and features musical numbers with both large and small groups of people.

"I think it's going to be a very good show, and I think with the number of people involved and the number of hours put into it, it's just going to be well worth it and a very fun show," she said.

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