Thank you Mayor Christopherson

How do you sum up eight years of leadership by Mayor Dan Christopherson?

Anyone who listened to the tribute given by Vermillion's new mayor, Jack Powell,  as Christopherson's term as the city's leader was in its waning moments, knows that, well, it describes our former mayor pretty well.

We aren't going to attempt to top it. We've opted, instead, to share it with our readers as a final gesture of gratitude to Christopherson's years of service:

"When I think about Dan Christopherson, I think about a man who is and has been truly passionate and dedicated to Vermillion, a community where he has lived his entire life," Powell said. "His caring for and commitment to the residents of Vermillion to preserve its history is clearly evident. He is an example of a leader who is also a good listener.

"He has solicited citizen input and factored that into his decisions throughout his tenure as mayor. He has led our community through many changes over the years, even during times when those changes seemed difficult or hard to achieve on the outset. As we know, change can be challenging for a community and its people, but Dan listened and reacted to face those challenges, looking out for the best interests and needs of our citizens.

"Dan is a man of many ideas; he has demonstrated his creativity, his sense of humor, his passion and his ability to address a wide array of issues in a professional manner. He has developed a good repoire with council members, city staff, residents, regional partners and national leaders, and he has represented Vermillion well.

"In looking back on Dan's public service to Vermillion as councilman and mayor, as well as in various other leadership roles that he has held, his contributions are many. Most notably we will remember his commitment to our historic downtown, community beautification, the wonderful year-long sesquicentennial celebration and our beautiful city hall building, which for years to come will serve the needs of our citizens and staff and will stand out as an ever-present symbol of community pride.

"… on behalf of all of the residents of Vermillion, those who you have served tirelessly during your tenure, Dan, I would like to thank you for your years of service to our community."

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