W.E.L.L. has “Fun Night”

Tonight was "Fun Night" for WELL, although every Wednesday is fun night.

There was no league play tonight instead a three-person scramble with a twist. Each team member was allowed one club to share. All members could use those three clubs. Many different strategies were put into action.

Barb Ballensky was the most creative by putting with a seven iron as if it were a pool cue. She made two putts with her unique technique.

Pin prizes were given out on every hole. Closest to the pin on #8 was Mary Ellen Jensen and #5 was Mary Mock. Longest putts were: #3 Pat Durkin, #1 Mary Ellen Jensen, #2 Darlis LaBahn, #4 Kathy Manning, #6 Kathy Chandler, #9 Lynette Wulff, #7 Ann Stewart.  The team of Nancy Christopherson, Kathy Manning and Peggy Donnelly won with a two under. Nice job ladies!

Supper of hamburgers, potato salad, chips and fruit salad was provided by WELL. Thanks Coach for the drink special! Next week we will be back to regular league play.

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