Wednesday morning ladies have great day

We had another great day for golf and meeting with the ladies at luncheon on July 14 at The Bluffs. There were 21 ladies present at the luncheon.  With all the activities of summer and great weather, we can still count on the friendships on Wednesday.

Jan Chapman and Janet Hof provided the desserts. The wonderful thing about all of us taking turns with desserts is – I get to taste them all and have not found any that weren't great!!  Good work girls!

Well, our treasurer was very lucky today. She won the $5 drawing an also some quarters. Congrats to Beth Silvano.  Enjoy Beth, it isn't very often a person gets lucky and wins both the same day.

Other quarters winners were:  Agnes Moeckler, Karine Amundsen, Joyce Zimmerman, Mary Bartels, and Jan Chapman.

The report for dominoes last week (July 7) –  There were three tables and the topic was: July Factx.  Winners were:

Round 1:  Ann Stewart, Darlene Engbrecht, and Sue Kappenman.

Round 2: Sue Kappenman, Vaneta Youngworth,  and MaryLea Hennies.

Round 3:  Rosemary Mart, Vaneta Youngworth, and Maxine Rogers.

Total Score:  Thelma Raines, Barb Boone, Judy Sullivan, and Rosemary Mart.

Seems there were three ladies that were lucky.  Wonder who they are?

We had no bridge report from last week.  Hope for one next time.

Golf report:  We played Bingo, Bango, Bongo with no rough stuff.  This is always a great game to play – well, I do like the rough!!!

Karine Amundsen was the winner in the threesome group.

Edith Nelson was the winner in the twosome group.

It was great having Karine back golfing with us. Beth Silvano – great having you with us also.  I have to report that I am picking on myself today.  I had a pretty good day except when it came to the ninth hole.  My worst ever score on this hole since way, way back when I was first learning: 12 (but I only had four putts!!) The weather was great!!
Catch ya all later..
Pat Steckelberg

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