Annual biker breakfast served by The Lions

In 2005, the Vermillion Lions came up with the idea of raising money for the W. H. Over Museum by sponsoring a Bikers' Breakfast at the I-29 rest area.
Each year since then, this event has been held the weekend just prior to the rally. This year's breakfast was held Aug. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee are served. Each visitor to the rest stop is greeted personally with a handshake and a famous Lion smile to welcome them to the state of South Dakota.
This year, we had two visitors on their way back from Louisiana to North Dakota who told us they couldn't believe how friendly South Dakota was; that it was the best place they had stopped so far, and there's a lot of miles between Louisiana and South Dakota so that was quite a compliment.
Many bikers stopped to tell us that they remembered us from earlier years and look forward to the breakfast each year. We had visitors from Florida, Louisiana, Canada, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, Alabama, North Carolina and Poland. Those were the folks who told us where they were from. The town of Vermillion also came out in force to support this endeavor and many came each day of the breakfast.
One couple from Akron, IA told us that is was the only time during the year that they ate pancakes. Children are served special "Lion"? pancakes designed by Sid Davis – they feature a smile and ears.
The museum provides small treats for the children (this year they were served up in a talking cookie jar) along with literature about the museum.
The crew of Lions who worked at the breakfast this year included Marvin Walz, Marion Kryger, Sid Davis, Mark Tipton, Allen Johnson, Maxine Johnson, Richard Stensaas (greeter extraordinaire), Roger Kugler, Berwyn Svoboda, Bob Wharton, Linde Wipf, Marie Ann Ben.

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