Citizens Academy will begin Sept. 7

The city of Vermillion is starting a Citizens Academy for all Vermillion residents over the age of 18. The Citizens Academy is a free, hands-on, interactive public information program that allows citizens an insight into city services and the functions of city departments.

The purpose of the Citizens Academy is to familiarize citizens in the community with the city of Vermillion's government. The program will include the function of city departments, explain the relationship between the city council, planning commission and city administration, allow an overview of the budgetary process and it will provide an outlet for citizen input.

All participants interested in the Citizens Academy are encouraged to attend all of the sessions in order to get the most from the program. All sessions, unless otherwise noted, will be held at 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and will meet at City Hall on Sept. 7 to Nov. 2. During the course, several sessions will meet away from City Hall at different department sites.

The Citizens Academy is a hands-on experience that will allow Vermillion residents to get a behind the scenes look of how city government operates. The class will graduate with a certificate in "Governmentology" and a key to the city at the end of the last session. For more information, please contact Evie Johnson at 605-677-7076 or

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