Ladies have fun at The Bluffs Wednesday

Hi again!! On July 28, we had 22 ladies at the luncheon.  Love to have so many come for lunch, fun, and games.

Maxine Rogers and Sue Kappenman were the dessert hosts.  They had three different desserts and of course I had to taste all of them.  Well, I did only take half of each so I did behave.  The desserts were wonderful!

We had a guest today:  A friend of Sally Gilbertson – Eileen Bottolfson.  Great seeing you Eileen and hope you come again and again.

Hope the Story Lady (Mary Bartels) did not make you blush or laugh too much.  We do enjoy the stories!!!

Barb Boone won the $5 drawing and we had several winners for the quarters – Babe Hurowitz, Rula Hatch, Ramona Kellogg, Sally Gilbertson,  Beth Silvano and Edith Nelson.

Even though is was very very wet on the course, there were five golfers today that went out. We played – Regular Golf!

Everyone got lots of exercise … we had to walk all nine holes (front 9) due to no carts allowed.  It was okay.  Everyone got in in plenty of time for lunch.  Some of us even had time to go home and change as the humidity was so high.  I golfed with Darlene Engrecht and we had lots of fun.  On hole number 8 we both wanted make par.  Well, we did but Darlene had to make a putt that was approximately 10 feet from the hole.  Stressful – but she did it!! Great going, Darlene.

Bridge report:  Last week the results were – Ramona Kellogg had High.  Ellie Davis had second high and Glennis Stewart had low. Sounds like fun (I have no clue what High, Second or Low is!)

Dominoes report:  Last weeks there were three tables.  They played more July Trivia.

Round 1:  Beth Silvano, Barb Boone, and Eileen Turner.

Round 2:  Rose Mart, Mary Lea Hennies, and Eileen Turner.

Round 3: Jan Chapman, Karine Amundsen, and Rula Hatch.

Total Score:  Rose Mart, Karine Amundsen, and Babe Hurowitz.

Another great Wednesday!  Come on over.  Hope to see you all next week.
Pat Steckelberg

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