Money available from PEO International for woman

Alahna Gross from Sioux Falls, S.D., has been awarded a $3,000 Program for Continuing Education Grant from PEO International.  PEO Chapter BL of Vermillion sponsored Ms Gross.  She was awarded a $3,000 grant for her fall semester.  Alahna is a registered nurse, who has recently gone back to school to get her Nurse Practitioner's Degree.  Sandford Health in Sioux Falls presently employs her, and she is taking classes from SDSU.  She has one year left of her Nurse Practitioner studies.

In addition to receiving the $3,000 grant, Ms. Gross will  receive, in early January, 2011, a loan in the amount of $10,000 from the PEO. Educational Loan Fund.  The loan will assist Ms. Gross in the final semester of her nurse practitioner program, when she will spend the bulk of her time working directly with patients.  Ms. Gross is the second recipient of the largest possible loan to be sponsored by Chapter BL in the last two years.  Amanda Johnson, of Vermillion, is using a PEO. Educational Loan to earn a Master of Library Science degree from Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts."

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