Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk
1943 continued

 The Assessor's books for the City of Vermillion reveal some interesting data.  City Assessor E. T. Michels said that nearly every home in Vermillion owns a radio.  There are 690 radios with an assessed valuation of $11,154.00, or about $16.00 apiece.  In contrast, there are only 250 pianos in the city with a valuation of $8,185.00.  The total assessed valuation of personal and real property in the city is $2,545,079.00.  There are 499 families that have electric refrigerators with valuation set at $29,198.  Because of the meat rationing and the price of eggs more people have taken to raising chickens.  There are a total of 1,764 chickens living in Vermillion.
Sgt. Harold Denison has been reported missing in action.  Sgt. Denison was member of a bomber crew in the South Pacific area.

 Patrons of Vermilion restaurants had to content themselves with omelets and creamed peas on toast Tuesday, as a new decree by the OPA established meatless Tuesdays that went into effect this week for the first time.  One disgruntled traveling salesman got up and left, but the restaurant owner had the last laugh because he returned sheepishly after discovering that "Meatless Tuesday" prevailed throughout the city.

 The local VFW post has sent 3,000 packages of cigarettes to service men overseas according to E. A. Lenhart Commander.
The final band concert of the year will be held at the band shell at Prentis Park on Wednesday evening beginning at 8:15.
Pvt. Lester Russell, who is in a German prison camp, has sent two cards to his parents indicating that he is getting along all right.  He asks for summer socks, clothing, and handkerchiefs as they are in short supply and very scarce.

 The pop ceiling has been capped.  The OPA at Sioux City sent out a five page legal size set of instructions concerning the sale of soft drinks in Clay and other counties in the Sioux City district.  Attractively double spaced with wide margins at top and bottom on "hard to get" paper, Vermillion persons who received the elaborate instructions said the order boiled down to this:  Ceiling prices were set on bottled soft drinks as follows:  table or booth, 10 cents, bar, 10 cents, counter, 5 cents, sales at public affairs and athletic contests, 10 cents.

 A Clay County institution for approximately 50 years, the County Poor Farm, came to an end when the Board of County Commissioners decided to discontinue operation of the farm as a home for the aged and indigent.  Now that the social security legislation makes provision for aged and destitute people, and as a result the operation of a poor farm was a needless expense.  Arrangements are being made to secure social security benefits for the present residents of the farm.  For the present the 160 acre tract and the buildings will be retained by the county.

 Fresh Spinach, 10 cents per pound
 Evaporated Milk, tall can 9 cents
 Oil Sardines, three cans, 25 cents
 Peanut Butter, 12 oz. Glass, 24 cents
 Early Ohio Potatoes, 100 lbs., $2.50
 Popcorn, 10 oz. Bag, 11 cents.

 The REA has received a $22,000 loan.  The Clay Union allotment will cover the cost of 85 connections this summer.  $11,000 was spent for material, including copper wire, as authorized by the war production board to connect the 85 new customers.  The remainder was spent for labor.  Clay Union has reached its 1943 allotment quota, but more money and materials would be available after January.

 A total of 586 students are enrolled in rural schools in Clay County according to Mrs. Elvira E. Bliss, County Superintendent.  The largest number, 54 are enrolled in the Burbank district.  Of the 586 pupils, 300 are boys and 286 girls.

 The show at the Co-ed Theatre on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday is, "I Dood It" starring Red Skelton and Eleanor Powell.

End 1943

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