Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

None of the occupants were injured when a car slipped off the high school grounds and slid backwards down the bank of the ravine hill.  Three of the occupants jumped out of the car but the driver remained in the car.  The accident occurred when the driver was turning around on the school grounds.  The car didn't turn over.  Damage amounted to about $50.
A "Global Atlas of War Maps" is available at The Plain Talk.  Many business places in Vermillion have contributed to the cost of preparing the map.

 Two local men, Fred Millette and T. A. Knutson will attend the 1943 South Dakota State Checker meet at Watertown this week.
Lester Herried, the contractor for the wiring, said he is ready to begin the wiring process on the addition to Slagle auditorium.  The University has been granted a high priority for the work.  Copper wire has been frozen by the government and only released recently.
 Announcement has been made that two officers of the WAACS, Women's Auxiliary Army Corps, will be in the American Legion room of the Municipal building and will be available for interviews concerning enlistment in the WAACS.

 Someone driving a truck knocked down 20 rural mail boxes and five road signs in Clay County.  The Sheriff is investigating the crime.

 The registration of Book 2 ration book totaled 8,613.  At the registration of Book 1 there were 8,617 books issued.  Declaration of canned goods on hand was made by only a small percentage of those registering.  The sugar stamp # 12 in War Ration Book #1 will be good for five pounds of sugar, but must last for the 11 week period.

 The city has purchased the fairgrounds from the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company for $5,000.

 The annual meeting of the Vermillion Cemetery Association was held at the home of Mrs. L. F. Harris, Secretary of the Association.  Mrs. A. T. Ireland was elected president.  According to Mrs. Harris, a successful meeting was held.  All surplus funds of the association are invested in war bonds.

 W. T. Scott, manager of the local J. C Penny Company store for the past 12 years has resigned and will leave for Pierre where he will be connected with the Office of Price Administration.
The rationing of meat and dairy products will begin soon.  There will be no registration for the new rationed items.  The red coupons in War Ration Book # 2 will be used.
The Office of Price Administration has announced the point values for the rationing of meat, butter, cheese, fats and oil.  Each person will be allowed 16 points a week.  The number of points used will range from 1 on the most plentiful cuts to 12 on the choicest and hard to get cuts, with eight points applying to the most popular cuts of meat, butter and cheese per pound.

 Colored mimeograph paper is available at the Vermilion Plain Talk for $1.10 per ream.  Colors available are Robin Egg, Lime, Dandelion, Ivory and Grey.

 Jack Benny, Priscilla Lane and Rochester are staring in "The Meanest Man in the World" at the Co-ed Theatre.  You will also see a 40 minute feature, "At the Front in South Africa" showing actual uncensored battle scenes between the United States and German troops.

 Buy your seeds and plants now for your Victory Garden.  Authorities urge doubling your garden as a patriotic service for your own welfare.  There will be plenty of metal lids and glass containers for home canning.
G. Meisenholder Department Store has a new selection of Easter hats for the ladies.  Prices range from $2.50 to $9.00.  This year features clouds of veiling, big rimmed beauties and lovely colors.

 Dr. I. I. Gantz has moved his office to the office vacated by Dr. Andre that was over the vacant McCauley building.

 The Vermillion Fire Department answered nine fire alarms in nine days.  This has been one of the busiest periods in the history of the department.  At the George Bendixon farm, just east of Vermilion, a rubbish fire spread to a straw pile that caught a hen house on fire.  $25.00 damage done.  The next day the dog pond building at the fairgrounds caught on fire.  Chief Button said the fire crept down the roadway from a rubbish pile and started the building burning.  $25.00 damage.  Rubbish in the furnace room of the Gospel Tabernacle caught fire, but was thrown outside and extinguished.  The bluff caught on fire and burned over the bluff to the east of the foot of the Ravine hill road.  Apparently it was caused by some small boys that started a bon fire.  No damage.  The front seat of a car caught on fire out on Highway 50.  $500.00 damage was done to a 1939 V-8 Ford.  A chimney fire at the Louis Mockler farm about 8 miles northeast of town caused no damage according to Chief Button.

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