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Twenty-six ladies came out Aug. 18 for fun and games and good food.

Marlys Jensen and Lois O'Grady outdid themselves with lots of delicious desserts. Pat Pratt won the five-dollar drawing, but we soon realized there was collusion!

Quarter drawings were won by Rula Hatch, Ann Stewart, Edith Nelson, Agnes Mockler and Romona Kellogg. Janet Hoff won twice but that is because she used an old trick of Ann Stewart's – putting a whole roll of quarters in the pot instead of one quarter.

Round Robin Bridge Chairman Ellis Davis announced the R.R. party will be the first Monday in May in the afternoon, not the evening as it has been.

Ellie Davis was high between the two tables of bridge players with Pat Pratt coming in second.

Darlene Engbrecht reported they had five golfers. I know nothing about golf and this is what she said, "We had an interesting day of golf. We played with dice and were surprised at where the balls went." I hope you golfers understand! Edith Nelson was first and Romona Kellogg second.

 It's great to spend a day with good food, visiting and laughing  with old friends and getting to know new friends (we are glad you are with us). And to top if off we have a great president in Mary Bartels. She tries to keep us in line, tells good jokes and is quick and funny at ad libbing. Thank you, Mary.

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