Blood donors urgently sought

The Siouxland Community Blood Bank, a subsidiary of LifeServe Blood Center, is issuing an urgent call to donors with types O Negative and B Negative blood to donate as soon as possible.

"We have seen a marked decrease in donations during the past couple of weeks," said Heather Marreel, director of recruitment at LifeServe Blood Center, Sioux City, IA. "We typically keep a five day supply of all blood types in our inventory, but a steady decline in donations has left us with less than a two day supply for some blood types. We are appealing to individuals with type O Negative and B Negative blood in particular to step forward at this time to make a life-saving blood donation."

Donors are encouraged to schedule a blood donation appointment as soon as possible at a donor center or mobile blood drive location. To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-798-4208 or visit

Eligible blood donors must be at least 16 years old, should weigh at least 110 pounds and should be in general good health.  For more information about blood donation or to schedule an appointment to donate blood, call 1-800-798-4208 or visit

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