Introducing myself to the Vermillion scene

Dave Lias won't be the only one the city of Vermillion will see running around taking photos and writing stories for the Plain Talk anymore.

As of this week, I am lucky enough to join the Plain Talk staff full time, and I'm very excited about that.

The good thing is that I don't have to get used to all of the new places and faces that comes with a new job. Vermillion is a city I have lived in for the past four years. In fact, I have done more than a few stories about the activities that go on in this fine town.

I went to USD and majored in journalism. During my time, some of you may remember that I was once the sports editor of The Volante for a semester and I worked there for three years.

Then since October of 2008, I was fortunate enough to become a member of the Yankton Press & Dakotan sports staff as a part-timer. I spent my time covering many different events in the area.

Working at the Volante and the Press & Dakotan wasn't the only thing I did during my time at USD, I also helped create the sports department for KAOR 91.1 along with many others. From there I hosted a show with Drew Quandt called Sports Weekly.

I also managed to do some work for KYOT TV with, you guessed it, the sports side of things. Let's just say I wasn't that great on TV…

After I finished my time at USD, I was hired on full-time at the Press & Dakotan as a news and sports reporter and I designed the pages for three nights a week before just recently transferring over full time to the Plain Talk offices.

It's safe to say I may have run into a few people in town already who I have already interviewed for stories, so I am not exactly a new face.

However, I think that will help because I know a lot of people in this city and I really respect and take pride in living in Vermillion.

I look forward to providing another voice for Vermillion and covering what happens in the city.

I know this column isn't very insightful, but I figured I should officially introduce myself to the city I have lived in for the past four years.

If anyone has any story ideas, feel free to email me at when you email Dave as well.

I really don't have much else to add except that I am looking forward to covering the many stories that happen in Vermillion.

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