Iverson Surprised, Honored By Hall Of Fame Selection

For once, Karla (Miller) Iverson will be the one in her family getting the attention when she is inducted into the Gayville-Volin Hall of Fame this weekend for the school's homecoming.

She is already married to University of South Dakota Hall of Famer and Mount Marty Athletic Director Chuck Iverson, and all three of her children have played basketball in college — Colton (University of Minnesota), Cassie (MMC) and Kara (USD).

"This time, the attention is on mom," Karla said. "They don't like a lot of individual attention, so they laughed at me for being like them."

"It's just an honor, and I am looking forward to the day and seeing old classmates," she added. "I was surprised when I got the call because their Hall of Fame is pretty new."

Iverson will be going into the Gayville-Volin Hall of Fame with two other alums.
Doug Olson graduated from Gayville-Volin in 1978, and he participated in football, basketball, track and field and cross county. He earned 11 letters throughout his high school career. Olson continued his track career at Northern State University and was named the most valuable athlete on the team in 1982.

Mark Roozen will be joining Iverson and Olson. He graduated from Gayville-Volin in 1980 after participating in football, basketball and track. He was the Class B state shot put champion in 1980 and was a member of the all-state football team as well. Roozen later went on to play football in Europe for three years as a player/coach.

Iverson graduated from Gayville-Volin High School in 1975. She participated in girls' basketball, track and field and was a cheerleader. During her senior year, Iverson qualified for three events — the shot put, high jump and the mile relay — at the South Dakota state track meet, which was the third year in a row she qualified for the state meet.

She also set the school's high jump record.

"I had it for a while, but the record was broken a long time ago," Iverson said. "It wasn't very high, so we won't mention what the height was."

Iverson continued her basketball career at USD, and is still listed among the all-time single-game rebounding performances with 20 against Northern State.

The Iversons have lived in Yankton for a while now, but one of Karla's fondest athletic moments was playing against the city that she now calls home.

"I always like to mention that we beat Yankton in girls' basketball when I was a senior," Iverson said with a chuckle.

Even though Iverson lives about 15 minutes away from Gayville, she hasn't been back to see the Raiders play a game very often.

"Years ago, when Chuck (who was the coach of the Mount Marty women's basketball team) was recruiting a girl from there, we went to a game, but we haven't been back in a while," she said. "I don't think it will be a whole lot different. I don't know how many students are there now, but I think it would be pretty similar."

But Iverson is looking forward to going back to Gayville for the induction ceremony.

"I think it will be a fun day. The part I am not looking forward to is when I have to say something," she said. "The rest of it should be a good time, with the parade and social afterward."

It's been a long time since Iverson gave a speech, but she isn't tipping her hand to what it will be about.

"I've got some ideas, but it's not going to be very long," she said.

"It's been 35 years since I have given a speech, and that was for my speech class my freshman year of college," she said. "The good thing is that I won't be graded on this one."

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