Midcontinent Media Foundation awards grants

At the recent meeting of the Midcontinent Media Foundation, the board of directors approved $44,193 in grants to regional non-profit organizations. To date, the Foundation has contributed over $2.7 million to promote socially-desirable goals within communities throughout the Midcontinent service area.

The Midcontinent Media Foundation, established in 1987, is the charitable arm of the Midcontinent family of companies, including Midcontinent Communications. Its purpose is to provide charitable support for non-profit organizations in the communities served by Midcontinent Media, Inc. and its affiliates. Midcontinent grants have been used to fund special capital projects, obtain equipment and services, and as a contribution toward a major community appeal.

Non-profit community organizations are encouraged to contact Midcontinent to apply for future grants. For details about grant requests for Foundation funding, please visit http://midcocomm.com/aboutmidcontinent/ and apply online or contact Sharman Smith, Public Policy Administrator at (605) 357-5787, or sharman_smith@mmi.net.
Midcontinent is accepting applications now through Feb. 10, 2011 for the spring 2011 meeting.

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