Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

What is a fighting shoe?  Check out Red Cross Shoes during Red Cross National Shoe week at Meisenholders.  Ladies shoes at $6.95 have been famous for over 50 years.

Abrahamson's Grocery has "Spick & Span" values this week. Check these out:
Kraft dinner, 2 pkgs., 19 cents
4 oz bottle Maraschino cherries, 15 cents
Green top carrots, large bunch, 9 cents
Large solid heads of lettuce, 15 and 12 cents each
Fresh red ripe tomatoes, 30 cents per pound
New potatoes, 10 cents per pound
Nash's regular or drip grind coffee, 33 cents per pound

Mrs. Mathilda Geppert has been named the 1944 South Dakota State Mother of the Year.

For Sale:  Residence property on Main Street.  Five rooms and bath. Write XYZ, care of the Plain Talk.

 South Dakota's 165,430 housewives could conserve enough paper daily to make 8,616 containers for 75 mm shells by saving one paper grocery bag a day, according to the director of the conservation division of the war production board. Food buyers and other shoppers are asked to have several items packed in one bag or bring their own sacks for re-use. Carry packaged items home unwrapped.

John Button has been re-elected as Vermilion's Fire Chief.

Give to Clay County Honor Roll Fund Today.

Vermillion's Municipal Golf Course Formal Opening, Sunday May 25th. Golf fees for joint membership (man and woman) $15.00. Season ticket for family, $15.00. Single membership, $10.00, out of town members, $5.00. Green fees, week days, 50 cents. Green fees, Sundays, 75 cents. (Plus state and federal taxes.)

Perched atop tractors, Clay County farmers are planting their corn by the light of the moon in an effort to make up for time lost during the recent floods.

Thieves took advantage of the crowded streets in Vermillion on Saturday night to steal three spare tires from three cars parked on Kidder Street.  Chief Dennis Sullivan said efforts are being made to track down the thieves.

Local firemen helped fight a $15,000 blaze at the Slagle Lumber Company in Wakonda. A crew of about 30 of Vermillion's volunteer firemen helped Wakonda and Centerville fire fighters extinguish the blaze that endangered several nearby buildings. Shingles on the hotel roof across the street started smoking several times but no damage resulted. After battling the blaze all afternoon, the firemen were treated to a dinner at the hotel by the city of Wakonda.

The first band concert of the summer will be held in Prentis Park on Wednesday evening. It is the first of the season to be presented by the Municipal Band every Wednesday night this summer. Sixty persons will comprise the personnel of the band that will be directed by Arden Foss. Rehearsals begin Monday night at the high school.

The Thompson elevator has been sold to J.C. Mullaney Grain Company of Vermilion. Mr. Mullaney plans to operate it as a feed mill, equipped to do custom grinding, if proper priorities for materials can be obtained.

Get quality foods at Council Oak. Specials this week include:
Bing Cherries, 39 cents per pound
16 oz jar grape jam, 21 cents
2  8 oz bottles Zepher Nectar, 15 cents
Beef short ribs, 17 cents per pound
16 oz loaf Nancy Ann Enriched bread, 16 cents
Hershey's breakfast cocoa, 8 oz can, 10 cents

Even before McKinley's inauguration, The Davis Pharmacy was serving people of Clay County.  This is your reliable pharmacy for more than half a century.

Wanted Workers: Wanted at once workers to build the B-29 Super Flying Fortresses.  Men ages 18-50. Women ages 18-40. Inexperienced workers paid while training. Guaranteed 48 hour week. Time and half over 40 hours. Free transportation. Apply at War Manpower Commission, US Employment Service, Yankton office. If you are classified 1-A, working for an essential employer, or agriculture, DO NOT APPLY.

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