Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

The Vermilion meat markets, grocery and drug stores will close at 10 o'clock on Saturday nights during January and February. The move is made in line with government requests for conservation of electricity and manpower.

Funeral Services were held at the Baptist Church for Mrs. Emily Pratt, the oldest resident of Clay County. Mrs. Pratt was born in Barnsville, Ohio in 1839. She married G. W. Pratt in 1857. She and her husband and small children made the long hard trip from Ohio to Dakota Territory, arriving at Vermilion on July 5, 1860 where they homesteaded in the Vermillion area. Mr. Pratt was killed by a bolt of lightning in 1889 and that year Mrs. Pratt and her children moved to Vermillion where she has lived since. Good bye, Mrs. Pratt.

Wirth's second hand store was broken into and between $50.00 and $60.00 in cash was taken. Other items taken were shotgun shells, a guitar and a revolver. The Clay County Sheriff's office and City Police are continuing the investigation of the break in.

The $240,000 addition to the Administration building at USD will be dedicated on January 15, 1944. Governor M. Q. Sharpe will give the address.

A. B. and Carrie Anderson were appointed court house custodians at a salary of $90.00 per month. P. J. Ericson was reappointed county tax collector.

Twenty thousand new workers are needed to repair fighting ships in the west coast ship repair yards.

Dr. Brewster, a veterinary who has been in business 41 years, plans to retire and has sold his business on National Street to Dr. O. H. Stalheim of Hurley. He will take possession about the first part of February.

The quota for War Bonds in Clay County is $505,000. A total of $411,444 has been received. The City Council purchased $10,000 worth of bonds and that brings the cities purchase of bonds to $108,700.00.

The banks and post office have been unusually busy selling bonds the last few weeks.

Specials at the Stop & Shop grocery store this week include:

Salmon, tall can, 23 cents

1 lb American cheese, 39 cents

2 lb. Box Waldorf crackers, 33 cents

1/2 lb Hershey's cocoa, 12 cents

Black pepper, can, 6 cents

No. 2 1/2 can peaches, 27 cents

Duz washing powder, large box, 24 cents

Side pork, 1 lb., 19 cents

Grapefruit, 1 lb, 6 cents

1 lb. Head of cabbage, 5 cents

Show Your Colors, Lets All Back the Attack: Buy War Bonds

Clay County Smashed the Bond Quota. Purchases Totaled $717,948.

Clay County restaurants are now under OPA price ceilings by an order effective March 6th. This order was announced by the war price and rationing board. The prices will be based on the period from April 4 to 10, 1943.

Eddie Texler and his band of Yankton will play at the University High carnival, beginning at 7:00 o'clock Saturday evening at the University armory. Tickets are 15 cents.

City Auditor, E. A. Lenhart said that Vermillion's first snow, early in November, cost between $350.00 and $400.00 in payments to shovelers and truck owners. This means dropping several hundred dollars more in taxes on the collective shoulders of Vermillion's taxpayers.

Records of vital statistics for Clay County during the month of February show that 12 certificates of birth, nine deaths, six marriages and one divorce have been filed.

The existing two-cent rate for delivery of local mail will be a thing of the past on March 26. Stamps used will now cost three cents. Air mail rates will be boosted from six cents to eight cents per ounce.

Plant white corn if you want to make extra dollars from your corn crop next fall.

Coal may be rationed so place your order now. Our bins are full so call us at 119 today. Fullerton Lumber Company.

The Red Cross Campaign exceeded the county collections by 50 per cent.

Six Clay County soldiers are home from Australia after two years overseas. The first six men to arrive are Captain Harold Hansen, Cpl. Eugene Flippen, Pvt. Francis Seiler, and Pvt. John Turner and Ardell Hatch and Desmond Robb. They have been granted furloughs of 21 days plus traveling time. More men are expected home shortly on a new rotation furlough plan.

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