Students lend a helping hand

To the editor:

On Tuesday of this past week, the Clay County Historical Society, with offices at the Austin Whittemore House, had the privilege to have Vermillion High School students come and volunteer for tasks that we asked them to do.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the students for much needed cleaning out of the flower beds on the south lawn, cutting out volunteer trees growing near the foundation of the house, washing windows, inserting storm windows, cleaning the porches and re-arranging our collection of historical newspapers. They just never ceased to be hard at work in the two hours they were here. A big thank you for their leaders also as they worked right along with the students. It all looks great and the whole place is ready for Dakota Day when the Dignitaries assemble here to await their ride in the parade.

A number of the students said they would like to come back here another time to help out. We would be more than happy to have them another time. Thanks for all you have done for the historical society and for the city of Vermillion. This is a great gift to everyone that had their help.

We look forward to this program next year.

Gloria Barnes, president
Board of Directors, Clay County Historical Society, Inc

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