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Seniors participate
strong into autumn

Evidently the seniors are having more fun than is necessary because their attendance is still strong into the autumn.  A total of 28 came to play on the first day of fall which is a higher turn out than most sessions during the middle of the summer.  Play of the day was two-man team scramble.  

The duo with the best score was Dennis Bruce and Joe Conroy with a 35.  There was a tie for second and third at 37 by the team of Turk Pilker and Lloyd Helseth plus the team of Rod Tieman and Mo Marcotte.  Placing fourth with a score of 38 was the duo of Bob Solomon and Cleland Cook.  It was Solomon's 30-foot par putt dropped at hole #4 that secured the tiebreaker for his team to gain the victory.  

In the second flight, all the winning scores were 41s.  This translated into a three-way tie for first, second and third.  Using the handicap hole for selection of the winners' positions, top spot went to Ray Lynn and Rex Huska, next came Ken Beringer and Gene Iverson followed by Floyd Boschee and Dick Gregory.  The longest birdie putt went to Vern Holter with 30-footer at #2.  Also Ross King sank a 20-footer at #3.  Two long par putts made were carded by the same individual. That person was Guy Button who made a 30-footer at hole #9 and sank a 48-footer at #2.

Seniors distribute
prizes by chance

On Oct. 5, the only team to earn a prize for first place was the team of Mo Marcotte, Floyd Boschee and Rich Morse, a nephew of Mo Marcotte, they had a 34.  The next four team received balls through a door prize drawing irregardless of any score.  Those teams in no particular order were: Rex Huska, Lloyd Helseth and Joe Conroy; Max Anderson, Jack Doyle and Cleland Cooks; Elmer Mount, Jim Reed and Ross King; then Shorty Hanson, Guy Button and Chuck Dibley.

Long birdie putts reported was a 30-footer at #9, and a 12-footer by Ken Bartels of Arizona, who was a guest of his brother, Fritz Bartels.

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