Bluffs Report

On Oct. 12, the seniors seem to like golfing into autumn because 28 came out to play.  The format included both two man teams and three man teams.  Prizes were given in a random drawing.  The best score of 32 was turned in by the twosome of Harlan Schott and Guy Button.  The unique thing about this duo was that each partner made two of the four birdies.  Schott sank a 12-footer on #8 and a 21-footer on #2.  Button dropped a 12-footer on #2 and a 15-footer on #3.

 The other teams that were lucky in the draw were: David Bak or Irene, Mo Marcotte and Don Baer; Al Clem, Pat Boyle and Vern Holter; Sid Davis, Elmer Mount and Dick Kellogg; Dave Raabe, Kim Reed and Joe Conroy; then Chuck Dibley, Bob Lund and Jack Doyle.  Rich Morse made an amazing shot when he chipped in an eagle 2 from 125 yards out on #4.  Dave Bak, the Irene visitor, sank a 30-foot birdie on #7.  Vern Holter thrilled his teammate with a 32-foot birdie on #6.

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