Clay-Union Electric recognizes Sorensen as ‘Scholar of the Week’

Vermillion High School is pleased to announce Carla Sorensen, daughter of Kirk Sorensen, as Touchstone Energy Cooperatives' Scholar of the Week. Carla will be recognized at Vermillion High School, and presented with a cash award. Clay-Union Electric salutes Carla and all students who set an example of hard work and high academic standards.
Mike Kjose, from Clay-Union Electric, was at Vermillion High School on Wednesday, Sept. 22, to present the Scholar of the Week financial award to Sorensen.

Clay-Union Electric, Inc. is a part of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, and provides electric power in South Dakota to Clay County. Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are local, active members of their communities, dedicated to building our communities and improving our way of life.

There are 626 Touchstone Energy Cooperatives in 45 states deliver electric power and energy solutions to more than 22 million customers every day. They serve commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential customers with integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community.

Nominations for the award were submitted by area school principals and faculty, whose selections were based on excellence in the classroom and service in the community.

For more information about Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, please contact Mike Kjose at 605-624-2673.

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