Letter: Show support for library project

To the editor:
Last week the Vermillion City Council accepted a proposal from the Vermilion Library Planning Committee.  This proposal is the first step in the remodeling/building project for our public library as the library has outgrown its current building.  The council is now asking for community input and support regarding the project.
As a patron who has used our library for the past 38 years, I can truly say that our public library is an asset to our community.  It is a central location for educational programs, community groups, summer activities for our children, weekend and afterschool enjoyment for families, computer and internet availibility, and fellowship among our citizens.
I would like to encourage all of you who are library patrons to voice your support by visiting with our mayor or city council members, or by signing the petition of support located at the front desk of the library. Without your involvement, the building project is something that might not happen.
Jennifer (Mitchell) Van  Peursem
 Library Patron
 and Concerned Citizen
Library Statistics for 2009-2010
Citizens entering library- 32, 270
Card Holders – 7639
People using library computers/internet- 10,103
Community Groups using the Library Community Room – 100+
People attending the 2009 Summer Reading Program – 4,385
Children enrolled in Summer Reading Program – 515
Children enrolled in Summer Storytime – 360

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