Letter: Spin, nationally and locally<br /> <br />

To the editor:
Nationally, recent polls may indicate that many Americans believe returning Republicans to congressional power will be good for our country.  Are we all drinking at the fountain of terminal amnesia?  The angst about our national debt plays well on television and in loud gatherings but where was all this sanctimonious outrage while the Bush administration was running up the debt for trillion dollar wars – which we will probably not win because the opportune time has passed – Wall Street was running amok because of lack of regulation, and the Republican philosophy that all ills can be cured by free markets became a foundation for free greed as corporations pillaged our county?  
The Grand Old Party has become a party of obduracy, juvenile invective against the Congress and president, and somehow is managing to convince a gullible public that the way to govern is to proclaim, without the necessity of cogency or truth, that government is "too big," Barack Obama is "personally" taking away our freedoms, and returning to "the good old days" of Republicans in charge will free us from debt, disaster, and distress. This time, they say, we'll be different. I doubt it.
Locally, Hyperion's recent press releases on the reduction of carbon dioxide in their polluting behemoth of a refinery strain the concept of credibility.  I doubt their sincerity, as we will now be subjected to a "mere" 16.9 million tons annually instead of 17.6 tons.  RTP Environmental of Raleigh, NC prepared this information.  
This is the same group testifying under oath at last summer's contested air permit hearing that, because of the composition of the tar sands oil, Hyperion's refinery will emit more carbon dioxide per barrel than any other refinery in the US.  Preston Phillips was quoted in the Sioux City Journal as stating, "At every step, we ask the question. What can we do to make the energy center more environmentally sound?"  The answer to his question is obvious and easy.  Get out of town and leave our clean air, land and water alone.
Liz Merrigan

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