Letter: Use caution during harvest

To the editor:

Fall is an exciting season filled with many activities. One such activity that drivers in South Dakota will observe is the farmers harvesting their crops. All drivers need to be extra cautious during the fall, paying close attention to amber flashing lights and slow moving vehicle signs on farm equipment traveling on the roadways. These safety features are designed to warn drivers that they are approaching a safety hazard in the roadway and need to slow down.
Slow moving vehicle signs are required on the rear of all farm machinery, including animal drawn vehicles, and highway maintenance vehicles which are designed to be operated at a rate of speed of twenty-five miles per hour or less. Please make sure that all farm vehicles required to display slow moving vehicle signs are properly equipped.
Now would be a great time for farmers to take a few extra minutes to make sure that all of the safety features on harvest equipment are in proper working. Please make sure that all lighting equipment is in proper working order; especially the brake lights, turn signals and hazard lights.
I want to thank everyone for taking a few moments to read this public safety announcement. Please use your seat belt, drive carefully and have a safe and prosperous fall.
Manager Darlene Barto
Motor Carrier Services
South Dakota Highway Patrol

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