Letter: Vote for Jorgenson<br /> <br />

To the editor:

I doubt that I have ever written a letter to the editor. I feel compelled to do so on behalf of one of our legislative candidates, Terri Jorgenson who is running for the State Senate seat.  
She is a very capable young woman who is a wife, mother, teacher and a retired member of the Air Force.  During her 20 years in the Air Force, Lt. Colonel was involved in development of ideas and plans and trained personnel way above her own rank in strategic programs necessary for the success of military programs being put in place. She is a firm believer that the laws of this state should be in line with what the Constitution says.  
Terri has studied our laws, the budget, and other procedures that take place in the legislative process. She is ready to go to work for all of us.  Let's put her in the Senate. Vote for Terri Jorgenson, she won't disappoint you.  
Donna Schafer,
former member of the S.D.
House of Representatives,

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