Letter: We need Jones in Pierre

To the editor:

This letter is in support of the candidacy of Tom Jones to be one of our representatives from District 17.  This is the second time that Tom is seeking this opportunity to be our representative and I hope the second time is the charm – we need him in Pierre.
Tom has taught school at many levels.  It has been refreshing to hear, in my visits with him, that he sees the intrinsic value in many areas that enrich our lives.  He is especially concerned about how the welfare of the education of our young people has been neglected.  We have heard over and over about how poorly our educational system is taken care of – we need someone who has had experience in the field to argue for the worth of educating our young people the best that we can.  I would think that every educator at every level would leap at the chance to vote for someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Tom Jones.
It would seem that if someone has the experience that Tom has had creating, managing and growing a successful business, that this experience would carry over into better management of our state finances.  Tom believes in starting at the top and balancing our state budget.  For the past several years, our financial management at the state level has been pretty precarious and has needed to be "rescued" with federal funds.  The selective receiving of federal funds has always puzzled me about South Dakotans.
Tom has family here in Vermillion and grandchildren in the schools here.  He is interested in education.  One of his daughters is a teacher in Parker and one has successful businesses here in Vermillion.  You have probably met Tom as he has walked our town going door to door to introduce himself.  I hope that you join us in voting for Tom Jones for House on Nov. 2 – he will be a wonderful voice in Pierre.
Allen and Maxine Johnson

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