‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ is a joke

The United States is in another civil rights battle.

First, it was freeing African Americans of slavery. A few decades later, women were finally allowed to vote. In the 60s, almost 100 years after African Americans were granted their freedom, they fought to be able to sit wherever they wanted on a bus.

Now the fourth round of civil rights, depending on how you look at it, is well underway. Actually it has been underway for a while.

However, the Senate once again put itself above the Constitution and basic civil rights, which it does on countless occasions, when a measure to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell – the policy that doesn't allow gays or lesbians to fight in the military – fell short of the necessary votes, essentially making the United States military homophobic.

Now, I should state here that I am not gay, so why am I on a soapbox for homosexual rights? Well besides the fact that it comes down to taking away basic civil liberties…

I have known a number of homosexuals in my life basically. Some of which I consider friends, others who I was just acquainted with.

Yes, sometimes I could tell that they were gay, but honestly, over half of them I had no idea until one of my friends told me, or they told me themselves.

In fact, in today's day in age, everyone has probably met, befriended or worked with someone who is a homosexual and not even known it. But yet, they don't have the same rights as you, even though they seem exactly like you.

For instance, Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Talk about a policy that needs to go.

Homosexuals are allowed the same rights as we are, whether joining the military, getting married or being able to adopt kids.

I must not be the only person who thinks this since President Barack Obama has pushed for a repeal of the policy.

Then on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips ordered the United State military to stop enforcing the policy.

The injunction should end the ban on openly gay troops, but knowing the military, they will stretch this out as long as they can.

It's interesting the military has a ban on homosexuals considering they fight to protect the ideals and human rights our nation is built on.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that people who are gay or lesbian cannot join the military, just like it didn't say African Americans can't join the military or women as well before those barriers were knocked down.

Why can gays and lesbians pay the same taxes all Americans pay, but yet they can't join the military to fight for this country? They are subject to all of the same laws as any other citizen of the United States of America, but because of their sexual preference, they aren't allowed to join the military?

Thankfully, Judge Phillips has, hopefully, effectively repealed the ban on homosexuals in the military, given them the same basic human rights everyone else has in this country the moment they turn 18.
It's time to put the unjust hatred away and accept homosexuals as just regular citizens, just like the rest of us.

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