Nesselhuf will do what is right

To the editor:

I have been watching our secretary of state's race with interest. This is such an important office because the person who sits in that chair also serves as our state's chief elections officer. The secretary of state needs to be above partisan politics.

I believe I am uniquely qualified to judge the abilities of Ben Nesselhuf to rise above politics. I was his Republican opponent for the legislature in 2002.

Ben and I had a great campaign where we were able to discuss the issues and our plans for South Dakota. Never did it get personal or devolve into partisan arguments.

I don't agree with Ben on every issue. I'm still a Republican and usually vote for Republicans. In fact, I'm running for the county commission in Clay County as a Republican this year. However, I do believe that politics has gotten too loud and too partisan. That is part of why I'm running and that is why I'm voting for Ben Nesselhuf. I know he can be trusted to resist political pressures and to do what is right.

Jere L Chapman

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