Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk
and Dakota Republican

The Council Oak Store is having some trouble with people buying meat and not stopping at the cash counter to pay for what they bought.  Two people have already been caught.  We have reason to suspect others. We do not like this unpleasantness, and hope there will be no occasion for any further difficulty with the customers.

Fifty years ago the federal debt was $916,000,000.  Possibly that is one of the things they refer to when they talk about "the good old days."

Want to get rid of the dandelions this summer?  Just get some DDT, spray the yellow perennials and they are goners. You can clear houses and barns of flies by using DDT too – so it looks like the days of the fly swatter is past.

Fifty more trailer units have been assigned to USD to add to the 50 now in use. More houses for the veterans.

It's no wonder we can have good athletes in this town.  Kids can start in the grades with basketball teams, football practice in a vacant lot and even boxing matches.  Maybe that's the reason each generation looks bigger and better.

Howard Yusten sold his Chevrolet dealership to W. Keith Wyman on May 9, 1946.  Mr. Yusten thanks his many old friends and customers for their loyal patronage and good will while he was their Chevrolet dealer in Vermillion.

Exactly two years ago today at 4:18 a.m. the first American troops splashed up onto the beaches of Normandy – and the Allied invasion of Western Europe had begun.  Back the future and buy U. S. Savings Bonds.

Dr. Ohlmacher resigned today as the Dean of the newly expanded four year medical school at USD.  Dr. Donald Slaughter of Dallas, Texas has been appointed the new Dean.

Almost 1,000 people were seeking relief in the municipal swimming pool at Prentis Park on Sunday.  Summer weather was in full bloom in June of 1946.

In 1921 the Vermillion City Council renamed the Ravine road and the steep forested hills on both sides of it Audubon Park. The Ravine road was visited by James Audubon in 1843.  He noticed its beauty and made sketches of the birds found in and among the trees.  Some of the area he visited was called Fort Vermillion and the French Trading Post.

The arrival of Vermillion's first pre-fabricated house and its erection on the corner of Prospect and Clark streets was announced this week by E. G. Andresen, Mgr. Of Fullerton Lumber company. The novel structure made of standardized parts, represents a radically different home building principal.

O. S. Olson, Vermillion's only tailor found he was too busy to take off work to celebrate his 80th birthday. His business associates along Main Street came by to wish him a Happy Birthday and brought along his favorite cigars as a gift.  Mr. Olson learned his trade in the old country from his father.  Mr. Olson was born in Gefleborgs, Lan, Sweden, July 13, 1866. He came to the US in about 1886.  He was unable to speak English so he started school but was forced to give it up because of the poor transportation in those days. He decided to learn the language by talking to those he worked with. In 1892, he heard of a tailor shop for sale in Vermilion. He bought out the business and has been here since.  Questioned as to when he would retire and with a twinkle in his eye, he said, slyly, "when I get tired."

Dance at the Ritz Ballroom on Friday night to the music of Wayne Olson. It's bargain night.

$350,000 allocation for the construction of 225 miles of REA lines in Clay, Union and Yankton counties was approved at the local REA office on Friday.  When the new lines are completed, 543 additional farmsteads can be accommodated and eventually the organization should have 2,000 members according to F. LeRoy Blair, Manager.

Keep Cool—Keep Healthy—Drink Austin's Milk.  You will know that it is clean and that it is healthy if it comes from us at Austin's Dairy.

Jacobsen Bakery has been sold to employees, Einar Lauritzen and Folmer Christensen.  Both of the new owners have been employed at the bakery for over 15 years. Both men came from Denmark. Mr. Christensen learned the baking trade in Denmark and Mr. Lauritzen came and immediately began work in the pastry department.

Pheasant Acres, located seven miles east of Vermillion at the Junction of Highways 77 and 50 will be opened in the very near future. Steaks will be prepared in a matter of seconds, not minutes, in the completely modern kitchen. A large dance floor extends across the entire width of the building and will accommodate 50 couples. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bourret are going to do their best to provide a place where fine food will be a tradition.  The new club will be open every night and holidays.

On Jan. 1st, 1946, there were 932 resident phones in Vermillion and on Nov. 7, 1946, there were 1,135 or an increase of 153 phones.

The Coyotes will open the basketball season by traveling to Lincoln, Nebraska. Coach Hoy said they are a small squad that might develop into a relatively fast quintet.  

Bowman Motor Company will put the new Kaiser car on display on Friday.

Swenson and Donahoe car dealership on West Main will have the new Studebaker Commander on display.

IN PERSON:  The Champagne Music of Lawrence Welk and his orchestra will be at the Yankton Auditorium on Sept. 30th.  

All the rooms at the Macy Hotel, (formerly Waldorf Hotel), are rented for Dakota Day weekend.

Sixteen thousand federal stenographers are reported to be incompetent, which would seem to point to 16,000 chances to reduce the cost of government.

The city theatre building was sold last Monday at auction to George March at a sum of $22,150.00. The building was built in 1913. Mr. March said he is making no changes in the present set-up.

Jim O'Connor will open his new garage for Chrysler and Plymouth sales and service at the corner of Main and Dakota Streets on Friday.

Aunt Jemima, the pancake woman, will appear in person and cook free pancakes at the Associated Market.
End 1946

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