Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk and Dakota Republican

After twenty nine years of enforcing the law in Vermillion, Dennis Sullivan tells some of his experiences during those years.
 The first exciting experience came when he captured a female USD student who had broken into the First National Bank.  She had climbed in a back window and used an electric drill taken from the Ford garage to break open a steel door going into the bank.  She didn't try to get into the vault or safe but was checking to see if any money was left in the desks.  Dennis had gone to the bank as usual at 5:00 am to stir up the fire for them and saw her as she ran out the back door.  She was arrested and given a 30 day sentence in the state penitentiary.
 During prohibition days, Mr. Sullivan and Chief Bliss found 113 gallons of "moonshine" in a car parked on Center Street.  The two men who were in the car had gone into a café, and were arrested upon their return.
 Clay County collected $219,784.19 in taxes in 1945 according to Opal Hanson, Clay County Treasurer.  This includes payments on delinquent taxes as far back as 1929.  This amount is considerably more than taxes taken in during 1944 and many years previous to that.
 Thieves broke into the University Cleaners and stole $100.00 on Thursday night.  There is no clue who the culprits might be.
 Clara Bertrand has taken over as Manager of the Sears Store.
 Dallas Christopherson is preparing to open a jewelry store in the building just east of Citizens Bank, which he will share with W. T. Scott.  The opening date will be announced in the near future.
OBSERVATIONS AND COMMENTS BY: Austin Lathrop (Dakota Republican)
 "Prohibition became effective of January 17, 1920.  This started the era of bootlegging, near beer, moonshine whiskey and bathtub gin.  Chicago became the center of the new racket.  Respectable citizens bought home brew ingredients from their grocers and concocted an evil tasting mixture which they called beer, then removed the alcohol, naming the resulting belly wash "near beer".  Then it was discovered that if alcohol could be removed, then they could put it back.  And so the drinking of "spiked" beer got its start.  "Speakeasies" started up in the larger cities all over the country where poor liquor was sold at high prices behind barred doors.  From these blossomed the present day night clubs.  "The Noble Experiment" as ex-president Hoover called prohibition, lasted until 1933, the first year of the Roosevelt regime.  3.2 beer that claimed to be non-intoxicating was legalized and the same year whiskey distillers started up."
 A new power plant and additional housing is planned at USD.  The power plant is needed since the old one was so badly damaged by fire.  Alterations are also needed to accommodate more women in Dakota Hall.  The Regent's have approved preliminary plans for a men's dormitory to be built west of the Union building.  It will be built in three sections each housing 60 men.  A dining room will be included in the building according to President I. D. Weeks.  These plans are being made pending the settlement of a steel strike.
 E. T. Michels went to Sioux City and drove home a new 1946 Dodge sedan that is now on display at his Center Street show room.  It has the new style brakes, which take hold perfectly at the slightest touch of the foot and without grabbing.
 An escapee from an army stockade was arrested in Vermillion by Chief P. F. Purcell.  He is being held for the FBI.  He was serving a sentence for desertion.  He was from California but had relatives that he decided to visit here.
 The official opening of Dallas Jewelry will be Friday, January 25, 1946.  Our location is the first door east of Citizens Bank.
 A committee from the Cemetery Association met with the County Commissioners to present a petition asking that the road to the cemetery be hard surfaced.  No action on the matter was taken at the present time.
 500 sheets of typing paper are for sale at the Dakota Republican office for 73 cents.  It is a clear white sheet, suitable for pen or typewriter.
 When Nels Abrahamson moved his stock to his new building on Sunday he carefully carried his good gray mouser, Tabby, along and introduced her to the new surroundings.  Nel's cat is "Johnny on the spot" when it comes to catching varmints.  Once Tabby left for a brief vacation and the entire store was upset and worried.  Calls went out and Tabby was finally located at Walpole's drug store where she had made herself at home.  
 It seems unfair to have to wait a week to find out if Buck Rogers and his gang will get off the moon before it crashes into Mercury.  Just be patient as the week will go by quickly.
 A 75 year old diamond ring, kept in the county treasurer's vault for the last 25 years and nearly forgotten, was unearthed a few days ago.  It weighs one and a quarter carats and is believed to have been very valuable in its day.  It will be sold at public auction.  It was received by the county a quarter of a century ago on a poor relief claim and was never redeemed.
 Register of Deeds Gladys Erickson states that for their own benefit,  soldiers and ex-service men should have their discharges recorded.  There is no fee for this service.
 Eight young boys have confessed to stealing and disclosed the hiding places of much of the loot.  They were under the leadership of a 17 year old boy, who is now free under $200.00 bond and will appear before Judge Collar next week.  The other boys will appear before Judge Collar at a later date.  Their loot included such items as hunting knives, flashlights, cameras, shotguns, shells, an air rifle and many other articles.

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