Volin: Resource Room To House Food Pantry

VOLIN — The Gayville-Volin food pantry will soon have a new place to call home.

Thanks to a $1,500 Horizon Grant, a new resource room in Volin is being constructed to hold the food pantry and other equipment.

Chuck Flemming has been working on building the new room for the food panty, and he said it will be very useful.

"If at any time anyone needs food, there are various people that will have keys to get into the room. So they would just have to contact those people," he said.

The room is located in the city shop in Volin, and it is seven by 12 feet, which is enough room for a refrigerator.

"There will be shelving inside and is big enough for a refrigerator for storage of the food pantry, and whatever else we can fit in there," Flemming said.

Flemming has been working on the room throughout the summer when he has had the time. He said there is just a little bit of trim work left, putting the steel on the outside of the room and also building the shelves for the room.

"I haven't had much time this past month," Flemming said. "Most of the material is done; it's just waiting for me. When we get a couple people working on it, it definitely helps."

The room will also house a projector and a computer for the community to use.

"There is a laptop for both towns and one LCD projector for both towns," Flemming said. "Any community member can check it out and use it at a house or church, or any meeting in general."

The resource room will be a welcoming home for the food pantry, which is kept in two places — Gayville's church and Barbara Egbert's house.

"When they need the rooms in the church, we have to store it at her place," Flemming said. "I am not sure how many times it has been moved."

The Gayville-Volin food pantry serves about 10 different families in the area during the summer months, according to Chuck Flemming's wife, Marie.

She said the food pantry has started to really fill up during the past few months because of donations.

"When we first opened up, we were pretty bare bones, but have built it up with donations and such," she said.

The addition of the resource room and a permanent home for the food pantry will only help it expand as well.

"We will have storage for more items because of a larger room," Marie said. "We can have a different number of items instead of just basic supplies."

She is hoping to have a refrigerator in the room, but it depends if the food pantry has enough money for one.

"It depends on how the donations stand if we will get a fridge, and if it will be a new one," she said. "We could have fresh produce if we get a fridge, and if we get a freezer, it would mean fewer trips to Sioux Falls to pick up food from there."

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