Childress should’ve been canned four years ago

Last year, every Vikings fan thought the worst moment of the whole season was Brett Favre's interception against New Orleans in the NFC Championship game.

While that moment was one of the worst, along with Na-whatever his first name became Tahi's 12-men in the huddle penalty, the low-point of the last five years for the Vikings came at the mid-point of last season.
On November 19, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf announced he was going to extend head coach Brad Childress's contract through 2013.

It was at that point I knew the Vikings were not going to win a Super Bowl until 2014.
Ever since Brad Childress has set foot on the Metrodome, oh excuse me, Mall of American Field, he has been the biggest thing holding the Vikings back in the last five years.

Childress was considered an offensive guru when he was hired as the Vikings head coach back in 2006.
Childress was the quarterbacks coach and then promoted to the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles and is considered the reason why McNabb was considered a top 10 quarterback for the last decade.

He seemed like a great fit for the Vikings. A guy who brought discipline and the ability to draft a young quarterback, develop him and develop an offense that could score 25 points a game.
I was one of those Vikings fans. I should've taken a better look at his resume, along with the rest of the Purple and Gold Nation.

Eagles' head coach Andy Reid called the plays, not Childress, but now the bald wizard would be leading an offense for the first time with the Vikings.

Childress was also the offensive coordinator for the Wisconsin Badgers in the mid-1990's, a program that has NEVER been known for a high powered offense, but a bruising running game.

Childress quickly jettisoned Dante Culpepper, who was rehabbing from major knee surgery, and while he has never been missed, Childress only brought in quarterbacks who knew his system but had no talent.Anyone remember Brooks Bollinger, who actually had Vikings fans wondering where Spergon Wynn went too? The Vikings also started Kelly Holcomb that same year.Why did those two have to start? Well because Childress's hand-picked quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, wasn't cutting it.Plus Childress's inability to consistently put together an offensive game-plan was also his doing. Pee-wee football teams are more efficient in the red zone than a Childress-led offense.Childress was also brought in to literally put the Vikings ship back on course.After the infamous love boat scandal under Mike Tice, Childress was the no-nonsense guy who wouldn't put up with the partying.He said he was going to build a foundation of trust. However, that foundation was built on a solid layer of lies.

Ever since Childress took over, he has taken the art of lying to a new level. I don't think there is a player that Chilly hasn't thrown under the bus.

Many of the players were named in an article that said how much they don't trust Childress and haven't for a while. They just put up with it because the team was winning.

Childress has a 38-32 record with the Vikings. That includes last year's 12-4 season and the 10-6 season in 2008. If the Vikings went even 10-6 last year, he is barely over .500.
Now it sounds like Chilly is on his way out. The Vikings are currently 3-6 and put together another abysmal performance against Chicago this past week.

Right now, it seems Chilly will coach another week, but does he deserve it? Yes, he has assembled a good roster that he has almost complete control of, just ask Randy Moss.

But for every Brett Favre he put on the roster, there is a Holcomb, Bollinger, Jackson and John David Booty.
This is the same man who didn't think Darren Sharper didn't have enough left to be quality defensive player in his system. All Sharper did was become one of the best defensive players in the league last year with the Saints, while his replacement in Minnesota, Tyrell Johnson, struggles to even see playing time.

Childress has hit on all three of his first-round picks – Chad Greenway, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin – but he has failed to draft well year in and year out in the second through seventh round consistently, where the rest of the roster shapes up.

While I don't think defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is the answer, I don't feel like the gutless, mindless wonder Brad Childress is a coach that can ever produce a team that isn't an afternoon soap opera.

For once, I hope the Vikings lose, so they can move onto the next chapter, and for once can it have a happy ending?

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