Nygaard raises constituent’s ire

To the editor:

Wow. Has a newly elected state senator ever achieved political irrelevancy as quickly as Eldon Nygaard did with his bewildering (or was it bewildered?) decision to switch parties? The Republicans, who don't even need him, can't really trust him. The Democrats, who do need him, and his constituents, who have repeatedly elected him as a Democrat, can no longer trust his word or his judgment. He's made himself a non-entity before ever setting foot on the floor of the Senate.

It's no wonder Mr. Nygaard hasn't made himself available for comment: there's no way for him to positively spin the timing of his stunning reversal. If he honestly thought, as he said in his statement, that his "philosophy regarding government's role in society is more in line with the Republican Party," he had plenty of time to switch parties BEFORE the election, and BEFORE entering his name into consideration for a Democratic leadership position. If he had done that, at least we wouldn't be left questioning his integrity and/or his maturity.

I don't know whether to be angry with him for misleading his constituents or for appearing to act out of spite and pettiness, but either way, I am plenty angry.

Becky Rider

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