Nygaard switchbreaks voters’ trust

To the editor:

The decision by Senator Nygaard to switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party 16 days after the election was surprising.  

The public reason provided for this conversion is standard political speak justifying what appears to be a totally self-serving switch in parties with platitudes. There are numerous reasons why Senator Nygaard would undergo this miraculous conversion on the road to Pierre but two make the most sense.  

The first and most obvious is the fact that this conversion took place shortly after he was denied a leadership position in the Democratic caucus and decided in a fit of pique to spite his fellow Democrats and go and play with the other party.  

A more devious reason for the conversion is that the Senator planned this conversion prior to the election and deliberately deceived the voters of District 17 in order to win the election. It would be difficult to vote in the future for a candidate who was either so childish or so deceptive as to break his contract with the constituents who elected him.

Jim Wilson, Vermillion

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